Rumor mill: Stover continuing Imperial Commando?

Take this one with a GIANT grain of salt: According to this Kickstarter, Matthew Stover is “replacing Karen Traviss as the author of the 501st novels for Star Wars.”

I’m assuming this means the Imperial Commando series, which has remained unfinished since Traviss bowed out of the franchise in 2009 after the release of 501st. LFL and Del Rey folks have talked about handing over the series to another author before, but the last attempt, with Aaron Allston, ended up turning into Mercy Kill instead. However, at Celebration VI, Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro did say “Big maybe with positive thoughts. Can’t say anything yet but I think you’ll be happy.”

Keep in mind that this is far, far from a confirmed source… And, quite honestly, I’m hoping it’s false. Stover is far better than picking up Traviss’ scraps, no matter how beloved the series may be in some circles. (Hattip to Andrew Liptak.)

Want to know how Traviss would have wrapped up Imperial/Republic Commando? Here you go.

So. It’s over. There will be no more Imperial Commando or Republic Commando books. (Or short stories.) The author has left the building, and no one else seems particularly interested in filling her shoes. (We get more Allston instead.) They join a long line of canceled projects.

But if you’re really, truly interested in how the series would finish (or continue,) Traviss wrote a bit about it a year or so back.

Yes, it’s an older item. I know I’ve seen it around, but I don’t seem to have actually blogged it, and we get an ungodly amount of Googlers looking for info about the series. I can’t help you any more than that, kids. (And, quite frankly, I’ve run out of ways to say no.) Sorry.

EUbits: The Jedi Path falls to Earth in September; Your Imperial Commando is dead, son.

First look. The Jedi Path comes in a vault. What? Yeah. Or: “Passed down from Master to Padawan, the pages of this venerable text have been annotated by those who have held it, studied it, and lived its secrets.” Since we’re living in the real world, I like Dan Wallace’s explanation: ” It’s supposed to look like an in-universe artifact that fell through a rabbit hole from the galaxy far, far away.” It is an interesting concept, but mostly I just fear what the Jedi Church will make of it.

Hey hey hey, goodbye. Yes, it’s official: There will be no Imperial Commando 2. (It was probably a lose-lose sans Traviss anyway.)

Namesake corner. Sideshow is teasing about a Mara Jade figure again. They like the Adam Hughes painting! (Sigh.) At least she’s not doing laundry?

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Second Imperial Commando book on the chopping block – again

UPDATE: Look, Googlers: There will be no more Imperial or Republic Commando books. Aaron Allston is writing a Wraith Squadron book that took RC #2’s publishing slot. It’s over.

The book was looking likely to survive Karen Traviss’ departure by getting a new author, but now Sue says that they’re “seriously considering abandoning” the second (and final) book in the series:

The time between the two books is going to be years and we’re not sure enough people will still be interested in it to warrant the writing. We have something else in mind, though, something that I know many of you have been wanting for years. So hopefully you’ll be happy with the change. As soon as I can, I’ll give you more details.

Something that many have “been wanting for years?” What’s your guess?