Newsflash: Traviss still not coming back to Star Wars

Folks just aren’t ready to let the Karen Traviss/Imperial Commando/Clone Wars brouhaha go, and io9 remains committed to stirring the hornet’s nest, getting hold of the woman herself. This go-round Traviss puts more weight on “contractual differences,” saying that canon and The Clone Wars was secondary to “pay and working practices.”

However, she does confirm their theory that the cancellation of the Fett book was due to the live action series. I remain skeptical (we are missing so many pieces) but it’ll all come out in due time.

2 Replies to “Newsflash: Traviss still not coming back to Star Wars

  1. Why aren’t more people annoyed with Karen for not finishing the series? Even if LFL and/or the publisher were being aggravating, she could have just finished it with this book and then walked away.

  2. Paula: I think her departure stems from discontent about the way she would have had to write that last book. She didn’t want to write it as LFL wanted, because that didn’t align with her own vision, and she knew they wouldn’t let her write that vision.

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