Second Imperial Commando book on the chopping block – again

UPDATE: Look, Googlers: There will be no more Imperial or Republic Commando books. Aaron Allston is writing a Wraith Squadron book that took RC #2’s publishing slot. It’s over.

The book was looking likely to survive Karen Traviss’ departure by getting a new author, but now Sue says that they’re “seriously considering abandoning” the second (and final) book in the series:

The time between the two books is going to be years and we’re not sure enough people will still be interested in it to warrant the writing. We have something else in mind, though, something that I know many of you have been wanting for years. So hopefully you’ll be happy with the change. As soon as I can, I’ll give you more details.

Something that many have “been wanting for years?” What’s your guess?

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  1. Wow, this is getting confusing.

    The military guide, maybe? Although I don’t know if we’ve been waiting “years” for that.

  2. I have absolutely no idea what we’ve “been wanting for years.” There’s some instinct that kicks in automatically suspicious when a phrase like that starts going around… HMMM indeed.

  3. Well if we can’t get an “official” book for Imperial Commando then someone better write an awesome fanfic to wrap the whole thing up.

  4. Erika: I haven’t a clue either, but if she’s mentioning it in the same breath as ICII, it’ll probably end up being one of those things that I’ve never given a second thought to.

  5. It would be really nice to see a continuation of Dark Lord: Rise of Lord Vader, that seemed to have left quite a large opening for some of its central characters; Olee Starstone and Chewbacca.

    Or perhaps (and this is my far fetched fanboyish whims taking hold) we can look forward to another Tales anthology. That would make me oh so happy. :)

  6. Wait . . . “The time between the two books is going to be years and we’re not sure enough people will still be interested in it to warrant the writing,” but “We have something else in mind, though, something that I know many of you have been wanting for years.” While I don’t really care about IC2, doesn’t that seem a little . . . contradictory? Especially since the Fandos are as hardcore as (if not moreso than) any other branch of fandom?

  7. A Darth Plagueis novel? Maybe?? I know they had one planned a few years back.

    But another Tales would be awesome.

  8. “Life is like a hurricane, here on Coruscant…
    Jedi, lasers, Darth Bane, it’s a corus-jaunt!
    We might cause a mystery, or purge the history!
    Clone Tales! Woo-oo!

  9. This sucks, this is the most suckage ever, barring the announcement that KT was throwing her toys out of the pram.

    This series needs some closure! I don’t mind open ended stories not being taken up, but this is a move that leaves a whole load of characters and their fate, plus all the fans of the series hanging indefinitely.

    My favourite star wars EU series and there is likely to be no ending. Cheers Sue et all, you really know how to give the fans what they want.

  10. … they are finally making a sequel to Republic Commando, for PC! OMFG! Sev!

  11. Well, think of it this way: Without Traviss, the book was probably doomed to disappoint her fans – aka the bulk of people who would actually read it.

  12. I’d rather have a finished book to be honest. But yes republic commando 2 may at least soften the blow somewhat.

  13. Unfortunate. I started reading the Republic Commando series last month and have been enjoying it so far. Don’t know how the series is going to play out just yet, but I have to say that it would be nice to get some closure…

    That said, another Tales book would be an interesting move. Tales of the Clone Wars is the obvious move, but there are some compelling and little-explored ways that they could go with it, revisiting the war with the Vong or Dark Times or even just focusing on smugglers and scum and the rest of the Star Wars “little guys.”

    Is there really that much call for a new Tales book though? I’ll admit a certain amount of disconnect from the fandom, so I don’t know. Is it something that people have really “clamored” for in the past couple of years?

  14. There are a handful of people who ask about new ‘Tales of’ books every once and a while.

  15. Every now and then I see someone over there requesting a Padme novel.

    I sure hope it isn’t the Darth Plagueis one, though.

  16. I have little enthusiasm for a tales book, but tales of the vong war actually does interest me a bit. Not as much as finishing the series though!

  17. Interesting. My personal feeling was that the last couple of Tales books were sort of lackluster, but there’s a lot of distance between me and my last reading of them. I’m always for short stories though, especially when it comes to bigger franchises. It forces a greater sense of focus in a realm usually relegated to trilogies and sprawling over-stories.

    And actually, the more that I think about it, the more I like the idea of a Vong based Tales book. It was such a huge event, and it went on for so long, but we never got to explore any of the little nooks and crannies of it. It would be kind of interesting to see what some fresh eyes can do with the time period.

    Oh, and Chris, since it seems that you’ve read them… How much carry-over is there when the jump gets made from Republic Commando to Imperial Commando? Not knowing the kill rate of the characters in the series, I’m kind of curious if Traviss went for a whole new set of characters and tech or not. And yes, a sequel to the game would be a fantastic move for LucasArts.

  18. Its basically the same people, set into different circumstances, such as CSF Captain Jaller Obrim working in the Imperial equivalent and having to be very careful of what he says and does. Everything on the Imperial side of the line has an Imperial flavour, and Clan Skiratta are pretty much the same apart from the added need to avoid Imp attention with the Clone ‘Rail Road’ etc.

    It’s actually a really interesting look into the transitional period between the Republic and the Empire.

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