Out this week: The last (maybe?) Clone Wars novel

…For the time being, that is. (And not counting the kids stuff, because there are just not enough hours in the day.) Yes, it’s The Clone Wars Gambit: Siege by Karen Miller, starring Anakin Skywalker and his lustrous hair, in bookstores today.

The new Diamond shipping list ought to be up this afternoon due to the holiday, but Midtown Comics is listing The Old Republic #1 – aka the print debut of the ‘Threat of Peace’ webcomic – to be in stores Thursday.

Also, I’ve redone our book schedule page a tad in order to make it easier to keep more new releases and additional links (like reviews) up top.

9 Replies to “Out this week: The last (maybe?) Clone Wars novel”

  1. Whoa. That makes me sad! I’ve enjoyed the CW stuff so much more than other parts of the EU. And why would they stop here, when more seasons of the TV series are scheduled? *tear*

  2. I suspect that the novels weren’t doing as well as they might have hoped – look how they’ve toned down the TCW stuff on the covers for these last two. (And not releasing the first in TPB or PB… That’s highly unusual.)

    There are other factors involved, of course, like the TPB format. But that’s just my speculation.

    I doubt a return for Miller is totally out of the question, but at the moment she seems pretty busy with her original stuff.

  3. Totally didn’t realize this was out already. I’ve ordered a copy so it’ll get here over the weekend. :D

    I kind of blame the format size. What a weird option to go with TPB when Star Wars fans are used to mass markets, especially since hard covers are reserved for mega series, like FOTJ.

    Mostly I think people are getting Clone Wars-ed out.

  4. Personally, I really liked the novels. Karen Miller is a wonderful addition to the list of EU authors: it would be a shame to see her work end here.

  5. I like these novels, too! I doubt Miller is out just because this series is over. I’m sure if other SW projects call for her talent, they’ll try and get her again. :)

  6. I haven’t read one, not intending to either, I felt the original line of novels set within the clone wars era did the business.

    The animated series is awful IMO so I guess while I can’t comment from experience I’m avoiding the books as well.

  7. Yeh I sounded like I compare the two, I guess what I should have said was the animated series blows, but the books I avoid because I’m all Clone Wars’d out.

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