John Jackson Miller reveals Knight Errant to MTV

It’s our first look at the upcoming book/comic series, and the most detail so far – including these comic covers from Joe Quinones and Dave Ross.

Issue #1 is due out in October.

2 Replies to “John Jackson Miller reveals Knight Errant to MTV”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this project, more than I have been for anything SW since LSATSOM. I loved what JJM did with KOTOR, I love having a female lead character, and as someone who generally prefers novels to comic books, I really like the prospect of having both for this storyline. And! On these covers, Kerra’s not fighting a battle while sporting major cleavage! I could weep for joy over that alone, seriously. :P

  2. Sounds pretty good. I really enjoyed the last KotOR series. Sounds like a good way of keeping to a set period while also shaking things up a bit. I also like the prospect of a solo Jedi adventure with few supporting characters.

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