Updates from Sue: Another Reaves/Bohnoff book, Imperial Commando sequel looks like a go

UPDATE: Look, Googlers: There will be no more Imperial or Republic Commando books. Aaron Allston is writing a Wraith Squadron book that took RC #2’s publishing slot. It’s over.

Sue Rostoni has let lose several bits of news on the StarWars.com message boards today:

  • Michael Reaves and Maya Bohnoff will do a fourth Coruscant Nights book with the tentative title of Jedi Dawn. It’s set for November 2012 and is in addition to the 2011 holostar novel.
  • A hardcover has been assigned for March 2012, but the author can’t be revealed yet.
  • Imperial Commando #2 has been scheduled for February 2012. An author has been selected – but the contract hasn’t been signed yet so we’ll have to wait for that reveal. It will likely be the last novel in the series (thus technically making it a duology,… Details, details.)
  • She’s “hoping” that a paperback anthology of John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith stories will be released in paperback sometime in 2010.

She’s also posted an updated release schedule: I’ll be updating ours later today. Thanks to Eddie for the heads-up!

4 Replies to “Updates from Sue: Another Reaves/Bohnoff book, Imperial Commando sequel looks like a go”

  1. I’m with Erika. Yay for a print version of Lost Tribe!

    I really need to get caught up on all my Star Wars reading.

  2. Yes indeed I was only wondering yesterday about the possibility of printing the e- books. I much prefer the rustle of paper!

    Great news all round, lets hope whoever it is who writes IC2 does a good job despite the limitations placed on them.

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