Imperial Commando #2 “probably” series finale

UPDATE: Look, Googlers: There will be no more Imperial or Republic Commando books. Aaron Allston is writing a Wraith Squadron book that took RC #2’s publishing slot. It’s over.

Sue Rostoni answered some followup questions to yesterday’s reveals, and says that Imperial Commando #2 will “probably be the last one.”

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  1. Thank God! Maybe now the EU can finally return to good storytelling instead of a military maniac’s wet dreams about glory, honor and brotherhood. Man, I’m sick of those damn mandos.
    Plus I never quite got why anyone would try to copy Tom Clancy within the GFFA if they could just as easily read the original. Or play Rainbow Six for that matter.
    Now, let’s get Jim Luceno back to write another piece like Cloak of Deception. Even after 10 years, no SW novel has come close to it.

  2. I contacted Random House in November about another Imperial Commando book, and they said another one was possibly coming. Following is the response that I received:

    “We do not have additional Star Wars: Imperial Commanod titles scheduled by Ms. Traviss. We do have a tentative schedule for an Imperial Commando title from Aaron Allston for release in 2012 which has not been confirmed. It is often the case for LucasBooks titles that an entire series is not written by the same author. If you would like to write to the publicity department to find out more about this series, please do so at this address:
    Random House
    c/o LucasBooks Publicity
    1745 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019”

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