Rumor mill: Stover continuing Imperial Commando?

Take this one with a GIANT grain of salt: According to this Kickstarter, Matthew Stover is “replacing Karen Traviss as the author of the 501st novels for Star Wars.”

I’m assuming this means the Imperial Commando series, which has remained unfinished since Traviss bowed out of the franchise in 2009 after the release of 501st. LFL and Del Rey folks have talked about handing over the series to another author before, but the last attempt, with Aaron Allston, ended up turning into Mercy Kill instead. However, at Celebration VI, Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro did say “Big maybe with positive thoughts. Can’t say anything yet but I think you’ll be happy.”

Keep in mind that this is far, far from a confirmed source… And, quite honestly, I’m hoping it’s false. Stover is far better than picking up Traviss’ scraps, no matter how beloved the series may be in some circles. (Hattip to Andrew Liptak.)

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  1. This sort of makes sense, especially considering that DR mentioned that there were some developments at CVI last month. I’ll be interested to see if it comes to fruition.

  2. I would never in a million years have pegged Stover for this kind of book, honestly. It doesn’t seem like his wheelhouse. If they brought anyone on to finish IC, I was expecting a new name…

    But then, military stuff like this isn’t MY wheelhouse. So IDK.

  3. I like it. Why not finish up the series for the fans who have followed it? And who better than Stover to wrap it all up? I have been holding off reading the Republic Commando books because I knew that it did not have an ending. If this final book is confirmed I will finally read the series.

  4. Traviss left a very bad aftertaste for me, to the point where I’d have been fine with the series being left to rot.

    But it does make a certain sense to finish it off. (The amount of hits we get for IC, even to this day, is pretty high. I’m not denying there’s demand.)

    I just.. Stover? There’s so much more I’d rather see him doing.

  5. This just strikes me as a situation where no one wins. Stover fans are going to have a hard time picking up this book because they’ll either have to go through Traviss’ work or they’ll have to settle for Wookieepedia summaries. Fans of the series may have a really hard time adjusting to a very different writer. I still maintain the best thing for Imperial Commando is to just let it sit by the wayside.

  6. As a huge fan of Republic/Imperial Commandos, I would love to see it finished, but I would love it to be someone who isn’t already a proven Star Wars writer. I just think the styles wouldn’t work well together. Just my opinion though and this probably won’t happen anyway, so there you!

  7. wow, this is going to be interesting. I love commando and I love stover. Very curious to see if he can handle this

  8. I love both RC and IC (very much NOT impressed with her work in LotF, though), and I will read just about anything Stover writes! Personally, I think he could pull it off, and I hope the rumor’s true.

  9. Hmm well I’ve read a fair few series with different authors and I think most would agree its a mixed bag in terms of it working.

    But I’d love to see this series finished so I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I’d say Stover would make a good job of it, IF and it is a big if, the work around for the Mando story clashes in the CW is good enough.

    I’d also disagree that he’s picking up someone else’s scraps, maybe he’s seen as the only author good enough to finish this job, after all it is a very popular part of the franchise.

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