Want to know how Traviss would have wrapped up Imperial/Republic Commando? Here you go.

So. It’s over. There will be no more Imperial Commando or Republic Commando books. (Or short stories.) The author has left the building, and no one else seems particularly interested in filling her shoes. (We get more Allston instead.) They join a long line of canceled projects.

But if you’re really, truly interested in how the series would finish (or continue,) Traviss wrote a bit about it a year or so back.

Yes, it’s an older item. I know I’ve seen it around, but I don’t seem to have actually blogged it, and we get an ungodly amount of Googlers looking for info about the series. I can’t help you any more than that, kids. (And, quite frankly, I’ve run out of ways to say no.) Sorry.

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  1. I did a search for Traviss this morning, and Google’s top suggested search was “Karen Traviss Controversy”. I’m not sure that’s what you want as an author.

  2. I really liked Karen’s first ventures into the EU, but about the time of Order 66 and No Prisoners, I found myself enjoying her style of writing less and less.

    Make way for Karen Miller! :D

  3. I still don’t understand why everyone dislikes her so much. And why everything nowadays is about ‘her leaving the EU’ and not being forced out. Oh well, each to his own, I s’pose.

  4. Aww, come on. :) She’s one of my favorite Star Wars authors.

    Karen Miller is awesome too! You can’t go wrong with Ahsoka and Admiral Pellaeon.

  5. Amaranthine: The Googlers don’t seem to understand that the post that the search engine spits out is not always the latest one.

    Dave: It’s a long story and I decided a long time ago that it wasn’t worth the time of writing up my perspective, but let me just say one thing: Karma is a bitch.

    I feel sorry for the innocent fans caught in the crossfire, but such is life.

  6. I figure things this way. Authors pull out in their writing what they think the main point of Star Wars is. Zahn sees it as an exciting adventure of good versus evil. Allston sees it as a joyous, fun adventure with plenty of humor. Denning sees it as a playland of new and exciting powers.

    Traviss sees it as, “Wow, Mandalorians are teh aweosme!” This isn’t as common a view for many readers.

  7. If they brought The Darth Plagueis novel back from being canceled I shall maintain hope that someday that “Probably not” turns back into a greenlight. But I’m not expecting that for a good ten years.

  8. Like most things it’s a matter of personal taste as to what you like. I like most EU authors, I’ve gone off Zahn recently but hey ho. I love KT and think she gets way to much criticism for her ideas. I love the non-jedi perspective she gives of the clone wars.

    Anyway, thanks Dunc for posting that. I hadn’t heard about that post from her. I live in hope of a green light but for now I’ll take the closure.

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