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Roundup: The Clone Wars joins Twitter (officially,) Filoni looks back at 100 episodes

As of today, The Clone Wars now has its own official Twitter account, @TheCloneWars.

In other news on the show, season premiere ‘Revival’ is now online, and Dave Filoni wrote up a piece for the StarWars.com Blog reflecting on 100 episodes of the show. Leland Chee has addressed fan’s (spoilery) continuity concerns.

As for the fans, there are reviews of the episode at TFN, Tosche Station and Knights’ Archive.

…And Murray from Accounting: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Things are getting back to normal in tweet roundup… Today, we have action figure snark, Star Wars day at the ballpark, tagging George Lucas and aliens with(out) genitals on their heads. Plus our standard selection of Expanded Universe, Star Wars life, and even a little bit of lingering #StarWarsCVI.

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George squeezed Jar-Jar: Best #StarWars and #StarWarsCVI tweets of the past (several) weeks

I’m a little behind on this, mostly because, oh, that huge convention a week or so past. In any case, here are some of the best tweets out of Celebration and DragonCon and whatever else was going around from August 20th to September 2nd.

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Convention tip: Vacation-ize your Twitter

Some people take vacations where they can ditch all their tech, or at least keep it in the hotel room for after-hours perusal. I am not one of those people, at least at a Celebration. As a news-blogger, it’s my prerogative, nay, my duty, to keep at least an iPhone on me at all times. Because while yes, while there will be plenty of real-life socializing, I must tweet.

I have no idea how many people I was following during Celebration VI, my first Twitter-enabled convention, but right now I am following almost 300 people. That’s a LOT of tweets, so the first thing I want to do is see how I can – not to be heartless, ahh screw it – ditch some folks temporarily. (Temporarily.) Luckily, Twitter has a built-in feature that will serve me well in not only keeping all the unfollowed people together, but allow me to even backread – Lists.

I decided that my first target would be mostly professional entertainment sites and journalists that are unlikely to cover Celebration. For them, I created a list called Entertainment. Next, for the science fiction/fantasy and comics crowd I suspect won’t cover the con, I created the imaginatively named SFF-Comics. All together, that’s 60 accounts that will be safely out of the way while I’m frantically trying to keep up.

I haven’t actually unfollowed anyone yet, but the lists will make that easy. A day or so before the con, all I’ll have to do is go to the list members pages and unfollow. After the con is over, I can follow them all back. And best of all, I can still check up on them, via the list, whenever I have a spare moment. (Hello, airport.)

Granted, most of these accounts are people who don’t follow me back/barely know I exist, so I don’t think there’ll be many hurt feelings when I unfollow – but keep that in mind. A ‘If I unfollow you today, it’s only temporary’ tweet may be in order if your choices are otherwise. Or, you could always create a special list just for Celebration, and avoid the issue entirely! Lists are cool that way. For what it’s worth, here’s mine.

Stay tuned for more tips!