Chewbaccalaureate: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

This week I went pun. I can only ask for forgiveness. Or, you could just head beneath the cut for Star Wars science nitpicking, iPhone 5 jokes, a space shuttle, everyone’s favorite Jaina Solo moments and the usual amount of #StarWars and #SWEU.

Best #StarWars/#SWEU tweets for Sept. 15-21

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In the Star Wars universe, Jedi academies offered a Chewbaccalaureate.Tom Phillips
In the studio recording @starwars #CloneWars being directed by @dave_filoni Universe
If Coruscant is in the galactic core, why aren’t the stars in the sky brighter and denser than in the outer rim at Tatooine? #StarWars #FailJames Reyes
In Saudi Arabia, you can be stoned to death for excessive smugness about your Star Wars knowledge.TJ Shroat
David Prowse says George Lucas no longer speaks to him. If he’d seen the prequels, he’d know George Lucas no longer speaks to ANY of us.Neal Mayhem
Theory: Obi-Wan didn’t mention Padme to Luke because he didn’t want to admit he’d always been jealous of Anakin. Discuss. #StarWarsRandy Stradley
I guess after the fall of the Galactic Empire, they had to sell some equipment to make ends meet. #starwars #nerdland Bach
The new Hobbit trailer kicked up more sarcasm…
Of course, George Lucas is kicking himself for not thinking of splitting up the prequels into 9 movies.Jason Winter
The iPhone 5 was released…
The entire text crawl at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope will fit on the the iPhone 5.Fake Dispatch
I just typed "star wars" and my iPhone fixed it to "Star Wars" so I am in awe of iOS6 at the moment.Amanda.
The Space Shuttle Endeavor took a little jaunt around California on Friday…
Kinda ironic that we work for LucasFilm and everybody is standing around to watch a spaceship fly by. Didn’t we invent the spaceship?Matt Shell
Pretty much the entire human contents of Lucasfilm buildings waiting outside to #spottheshuttle. Working on Nerd Mountain is the best.Andy Ewert
If LFL folks had their cameras out, I can’t find a tweet, so here’s a shot of the shuttle going over the Golden Gate bridge:
Another fantastic shot of #Endeavour over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Piotrowski


Sent a batch of Doug Wheatley’s character pencil sketches for #StarWars Character Guide to Lucasfilm for approval today. #SWEU (Erich)StarWarsBooks
Interviews lined up for next week. Fellow #SWEU fans, I will try to keep my answers interesting. … And not by lying.Pablo Hidalgo
Our weekly Del Rey #StarWars meetings can take some odd turns. Today, discussion broke down into dragging Greedo’s body from the cantina.StarWarsBooks
I can’t wait til Scoundrels is released. Then, Del Rey will finally have to find a new excerpt to put in their releases. #SWEU #ZahnSoloChris
I’m just waiting for the Essential Reader’s Companion to confirm that Ken Palpatine ditched the whole Jedi thing and became a CPA #SWEUBrian
AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Not really, because the day after, that business on Bakura started. I know my Expanded Universe.Captain Sensible
As a followup to my Jaina piece, I asked my followers about their favorite books and character moments for her:
@clubjade Probably the quiet moment she shared with Leia in the Enemy Lines booksBrian
@clubjade Young Jedi Knights, book 1. Made a bit of an impression.Andrew Liptak
@clubjade I loved when Jaina trained with Boba Fett, especially when he kicked her ass. #SWEURachel Sifers
@clubjade has to be in Dark Tide when she flew with Rogue Squadron and told off the Chiss.Shannon Hammerstrom
@clubjade When Luke named her a masterRoqoo Depot
@clubjade Jaina, Luke and Corran disabling the shield generator in the Jedi Temple while fighting Sith/Abeloth in Apocalypse. #SWEUAaron Goins
@avgoins @clubjade I loved that whole part!Roqoo Depot
@clubjade so many good moments. Running the belt in VP. Laying in Leia’s bed having a heart2 heart w/leia in Rebel dream. Kissing Jag!Shea Standefer
@clubjade There was a part in Rev., "couldn’t decide if she wanted another piece of steak or wanted to cry because she missed Mara so much"Shea Standefer
@clubjade I didn’t care for her much in LotF with the stupid love triangle, but Revelation brought such a human side to her IMO.Shea Standefer

Watching the movies…

That nice moment in Return of the Jedi where Han is out of the carbon & him & Chewy have a hug in Jabba’s cell #StarWars @starwars #BromancePrincess Skywalker
Even in the most dramatic scenes of Star Wars, if Chewbacca is in it I am most likely going to laughThe Director
The Star Wars prequels. I searched my feelifngs and know this to be true. #HatedMoviesILoveDerwin

#StarWars life

I hope no one knows that while helping with the negotiation of a big contract today I was thinking about Star Wars.Ryan
I’m not sure this is what George Lucas had in mind. #dollhousefarfaraway Bond
My little bro requested I sing him happy birthday to the tune of the Star Wars theme. They’re raising him well.sethdaggett
I made myself a man bag out of Yak pelts if anyone needs a place to keep some of their Lego Star Wars keychains.Discoken
My professor is using Star Wars to teach web design. I can’t relate, but props for creativity. Marie Suchanek
The original trilogy in Star Wars is like the Old Testament, with the newer trilogy like the New Testament. Make that of what you will.Travie Yak


If the #StarWars trilogy was released in the internet age the Luke & Leia ‘shipper message boards would have been really amusing on 5-21-80.Matt Martin
Wells Fargo doesn’t sound like the name of a bank as much as it does an obese Star Wars character.Steven Amiri
Bad News: Script revisions late due to Star Wars fanfic writing jag. Good News: Just about ready to unleash "I, Lobot" onto the world.WALL

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Also, I usually don’t feature political tweets, but @GailSimone did it again by starting the #StarWarsCampaign tag and it made me laugh far, far too much. I made a separate Storify for the best tweets from it.

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