Sweet Vader helmet: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

This week, we venture into New York City (again,) yoga, Yoda, and the usual collection of #SWEU, Star Wars life and snark.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 15-21

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Sorry kids, but no, I can’t watch Star Wars without wearing my sweet Vader helmet. It doesn’t really matter that you have friends over.Your Ryan
Emperor: "If you will not turn, you will be destroyed." Cabbie: "Hey, who’s drivin’ here, you or me?" @starwars #starwarsinnewyorkJohn Jackson Miller
I had to take a picture when I saw this. Star Wars theme Yoga for dudes. #StarWars #Yoga http://pic.twitter.com/m55P4De8Hanna
That moment when you realize every time you go to type ‘hut’ you end up typing ‘Hutt’ #StarWarsBrian
I just remembered how much I like Star Wars. Or, as may be the case with many fans, the Star Wars that lives in my head and heart.Andrew Stormling
Practice my "That’s not true! That’s impossible!!" Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back speech #thingsIdointheShower #starwarsQuinn Rollins
Yoda got some new fashion accessories http://pic.twitter.com/yLIbA9mQKelly
Star Wars Cafe ideas: Owen Larsagne.Although, maybe Mace Windumplings would be better. They’re not as clumsy or random as a pasta #starwarsJoe Jones
I commend Argo for its historical accuracy except for the last scene when the Jawa and Sandperson were switched in the Star Wars playset.Alissa Walker
Everyone just leaves their starship unlocked on star wars, they’d get stolen in seconds by space youths.kiwi
Love is tolerating the starwars prequels because you dont know starwars like I do ok?rod weine


There’s a post in TFN Lit about too many super weapons in the post RotJ era. My response: You must be new here.Nancipants
Darth Plagueis is the Half-Blood Prince of #StarWars novels. #SWEUMatt Martin
The X-Wing page on TV Tropes has a shocking number of references to Gammorrean strip shows. #SWEUBrian
I don’t understand why FotJ has gone from ‘Retrace Jacen’s Force journey’ to ‘Retrace Luke Skywalker’s unfortunate love life’.Bria
Finished Scoundrels. Ok, the very last sentence in the book was quite a nice surprise. My verdict is still undecided though. #SWEUKNIGHTS ARCHIVE
just kidding about the bothans, although going by expanded universe canon, they’re a bunch of fluffy gits.Valtyr


So it’s pretty easy to rip off a battledroid’s head with your bare hands. #CloneWarsAaron Goins
I’m really interested in the idea of Star Wars: The Clone Wars catching up to ROTS. Love to see this style continue into uncharted territoryJosh Dredd West
Wow. Did yesterday’s episode of Clone Wars plant the seeds for revealing Ahsoka ultimate fate?Horror V Steimle

Star Wars life

Impressively, Lucasfilm Ltd appear to own the copyright on my socksShaun Hills
Can Vader reach through email to force choke someone? If so, I want that power NOW!Helen Keier
I enjoy memorizing Middle English as much as the next guy, but I mean the entire Star Wars saga isn’t going to watch itself.Maryssa Pickett
My 24yr old brother is outside playing Star Wars with two 6yr olds, light sabers and all. #ilovemyfamilyBridget Doherty
Currently using my homemade lightsaber to repeatedly beat down a guy who told me, "Star Wars is lame."Vasculitis Vixen™
George Lucas look alike in the lobby has convinced several Asian tourists he’s George. They’re all bowing. HYSTERICAL.Nona Judy


Just once, I’d like to take a rabid football fan and trap him in an office full of geeks arguing over George Lucas and Game of Thrones.Der Müde ‘Tude
A woman called George Lucas has started at my company. Am popping down now to tell her she has a famous name. She probably hasn’t realised.Mark Blackmore
Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars bad guy. Him and George Lucas.Jenn In The TARDIS
Lindor is my favorite chocolate that sounds like a Star Wars planetJonas Polsky
Would a BAD dad send Imperial Probe Droids all over the galaxy to find his only son? NO. Darth Vader: Best Dad Ever. #StarWarsDeath Star PR
Oh, and seriously:
Why does everyone who hasn’t seen Star Wars tweet about how they haven’t seen Star Wars? That’s your personal shame, dude.Dunc

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