TV report: CW aims Arrow for a full season

Oliver Queen fans, take note: The CW has picked up Arrow for a full season of 22 episodes. The show’s premiere was the network’s most-watched show in three years, and the best premiere since Vampire Diaries in 2009. The CW also picked up three more episodes of their Beauty and the Beast remake, which stars Smallville alum Kristin Kreuk.

Moving onto less basic broadcast news, Neil Gaiman confirmed on Tumblr that the new Doctor Who episode he wrote (announced at the Hugos, where he won for ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’) will be the 12th of the current season.

And finally, it’s hard to read a genre news site and not trip over news and pictures from Game of Thrones as they shoot S3, but if you’ve somehow managed to miss them, try Winter is Coming. As always, possible spoilers!

What genre shows have you been watching this year?

4 Replies to “TV report: CW aims Arrow for a full season”

  1. My interest in the Green Arrow comics has been fading (i.e. haven’t picked one up in many months). The show sounds interesting though. I’d lump it into my personal category called “I’ll wait for it to be canceled in 2-3 seasons (max) and then watch them all at once when they are on Netflix.”

  2. It’s the CW. They’ll leave it on for at least 5 or 6. At least. Look at Smallville (10 seasons) and Supernatural (8 and counting.) Granted, both of those started on the WB, but the CW kept renewing them.

  3. Mark’s turned on Arrow and I tried to watch it but it is boooooring and I can’t even begin to watch it. I’d rather watch almost anything else. The girl lead in it when I’m not watching keeps reminding me of Rachel from the Dark Knight series, like someone copied and pasted her lines and delivery from the movie.

  4. Whitney and I have been watching Arrow – while we like the vigilante crime fighter aspect, the drama of the spoiled socialite sister and bizarre love triangle –> got to go. i’m not quite a fan of using Lost-ish flashbacks to show what happened to Queen on the island. and i swear Harry Dresden is just playing the same character (and is apparently Starling City’s only police detective, or maybe he’s in charge of rich people’s crime unit)

    We’ve also watched Revolution, though we prefer to save up a block of it and watch a handful of episodes at one go. I like the premise, though again it copies the use of flashbacks from Lost a bit much. JJ Abrams needs to find a new gimmick.

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