We seem to be made to suffer: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Last week, an internet-famous cat watched Star Wars, Simon Pegg worked out at Elstree, Pablo weighed the ERC, dogs looked like Chewbacca and the usual amount of #StarWars and #SWEU.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Sept. 24-30

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I saw a documentary about robots in the desert. One quote stuck with me. "We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life." How true.Henri, Le Chat Noir
Still kind of weirded out that the Star Trek MMO is about space battles and pewpew lasers and Star Wars is all conversations and diplomacy.Scott Sharkey
Can you imagine if Chewbacca had little girls? Poor guy would just be one big braid.Manic Zombie Laughs
tired of all these poser nerd girls wearing star wars shirts. i bet they can’t even name two of their albumssteff
Just finished watching "The Grey"…combined w/ "Taken", I can only assume Darth Maul is the greatest warrior of all time #starwarsChristopher Uberti
I slept with this guy last night at @parkerpublicist’s house! #StarWars http://pic.twitter.com/QIy8iIZVAmy Ratcliffe
Working out in the Elstree Studios gym, the bench press is set at 120K. I guess the last person to use it was Chewbacca.Simon Pegg
There’s also a small pile of free weights in the corner. I guess Yoda was doing some brain training. This place is so steeped in history.Simon Pegg
TERMITE GUY: "I have never seen a dog that looked so much like Chewbacca." #houseofbark http://twitpic.com/aysse8Cleolinda Jones
It’s Lucasfilm company policy that any typos made by employees have to be put in the ‘Possible Future #StarWars Character’ file.Peter Shorney
Mark Hamill is now as old as Alec Guinness was when they filmed STAR WARS. #ISmellARebootComingBassim El-Wakil


Sometimes duty calls. In this case, we all had to give the 1st chapter of #StarWars Crucible a read. Awesome stuff! Can’t say anymore. #SWEUStarWarsBooks
Read first 2 chapters of Lebbon’s #StarWars Dawn of the Jedi novel, Into the Void, last night. WOW! Uber excited for this book! #SWEU (ES)StarWarsBooks
Sculpting a Galaxy LE 20.5lbs; Complete SW Encyc. 11.1lbs; Chron: The Prequels 7.5lbs; YbY 5.4lbs; Transformers Vault 4.6lbs; ERC: 2.7lbs :)Pablo Hidalgo
I think we’re about due for some Forrest Gump expanded-universe novels featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn. #FridayTweetsDan Schilling
I just realized that if you type any three-letter word all caps in the context of #StarWars, it looks like a #SWEU title. #oopsShoshana B
The Star Wars wiki (Wookiepedia haw) lists 22 species of cat-person within the canonical Expanded Universe and arguably that is 22 too manyThomas Currie
Scars apparently make everyone 20% cooler in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I don’t know why.Joshua Navarro
Every time I look at the back of this Scoundrels bookmark, I keep thinking it says "Winter is Coming" instead of "Coming This Winter". #oopsBria


Hondo absolutely steals every scene in #CloneWars , which is interesting when you have a great exploration of wild Sith in the same episodeJames Brophy
So… @starwars #CloneWars WOW!! What a start to season 5, these brothers mean business!! A huge improvement in graphics!!Scotty English
Might have already seen said episode at #CVI, but what an incredible way to start the new season on #CloneWars!Taylor Andriotis
Individually, Jedi are badass. But collectively, a bunch of morons the Jedi Council is. #clonewarsGreg van Eekhout
Seems like the Onderon story arc is brewing up a LOT faster than I would have expected. #CloneWarsMGF Customs/Reviews
"Insolence? We are PIRATES. We don’t even know what that MEANS." Haha, #CloneWars #sogoodHarry Myland
Strong opening for Clone Wars. Much better premiere than last season’s. #clonewars #starwarsTimothy J Jackson

Star Wars life

just referred to a 501c3 (nonprofit) as a c3po. are all my star wars fanatics proud?Haley Jo
Heh, catching up on meeting notes at work, amused to find that my colleague had written them a la Star Wars movie opening scroll.Sandi Vincent
Dreamed I wrote a linked collection of short stories about Star Wars characters living in the regular world. Boba Fett was a barista. Weird.Gavin Purcell
"I just got an e-mail about a Lucasfilm internship. Sounds sketchy, what do you think?" -MolCas "Never heard of it, ask Luke and Han." -DadMolly Castro
A bit shocked. Someone in our office has never seen Star Wars & has just referred to Yoda has that little green man from the Vodafone ad.Tim Ingham
I asked Quin if he likes Star Wars. He replied "Just the parts with R2-E-Bo or whatever his name is." Clearly I’ve failed as a dad. #fbRodrigo Cavazos
Ok people. There is a 70 year old couple playing Star Wars Monopoly in Panera! Modeling my marriage after them.Andrew Hunter
Some fool doing a star wars presentation saying how it’s "set in the future". ??? #SitDownSonBlack DYNAMITE


George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic RT @StarMichele_MUA: Who is your makeup artist? Your face is always beat!RuPaul
Dear George Lucas, Please make a TV show called ‘The Sith Family Robinson’. Cheers, HMs.Mad Dog McGillicuddy
I blame Apple maps for the fact that I can’t shoot straight. Yep. I’m sticking with that. #StarWarsTrooper TK1138
They’ve gone back and tinkered with Facebook so many times George Lucas just called it ‘tacky.’John Fugelsang

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