Suvudu unleashes a flood of old Star Wars short stories

To, uh, celebrate the release of Pablo Hidalgo’s The Essential Reader’s Companion, Suvudu has reposted some of the old short stories: John Jackson Miller’s Labor Pains (with illustrations by Pablo,) Jason Fry’s Deader Than a Triton Moon, Ed Erdelac’s Fists of Ion, Chris Cassidy’s Precipice, Rich Handley’s Lando Calrissian: Idiot’s Array, Christopher Cerasi’s Crossroads, Charlene Newcomb’s Shades of Gray and The Old Republic: Smuggler’s Vanguard by Rob Chestney.

That’s… A lot of shorts. There are a few more, including some older stuff, at the first link. All the stories are ones that are covered in the Reader.

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  1. Pablo discusses these short stories in The Essential Reader’s Companion so it was important to us that we build a new library that would collect the stories that at one time appeared on We may be adding more material to this in the near future. Here’s the link to the Star Wars Web Shorts library on Suvudu:

  2. Erich: I’m very happy to see this material find a new home and some new readers! And as the author of one of those pieces that’s currently homeless, I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s one the list of material to be added in the near future. :-)

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