Does anyone have a droid here? Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

In this week’s roundup, The Clone Wars cast clowns around with royalty, The Lion King screws up a generation, Lucasfolks fool around with chalk, and a jolly Star Wars Reads Day is held by all. Plus the usual nerd party favors, below the cut.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Oct. 1-7

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"Does anyone have a droid here?" "…wait, do you mean the phone, or like an R2D2?" #nerdpartyCaitlin
Had SO much fun @TheCloneWars record session today with @dave_filoni and The Royal Family! Kate is a @HerUniverse fan! Universe
There comes a time in a girls life that she’s got to make a change. It’s time for a life-altering decision. I should see Star Wars.Caitlin
Is it bad I can tell someone is watching a George Lucas movie just by the sound effects?Liam Grunté
I bet its a total mindfuck for kids who grew up with Lion King to watch Star Wars for the 1st time and hear Mufasa’s voice coming from VaderWonder Monkey
The Force is strong with our front stoop. #StarWars @bonniegrrl @parkerpublicist LaSalata
I may have spent a while bargaining for a beat up handless Jabba figure at a Halloween store, stating, "He needs a good home."Drea
View from the sky bridge #lucasfilmculture Chee
It’s Sidewalk Art Day at work – by me and @manraysky #LucasfilmCulture Hidalgo


"I like Star Wars more than you!" A small child just told author @jasoncfry at #StarWarsReadsDay at Word in Brooklyn. #SWEUStarWarsBooks
Today I met a boy named Anakin, a girl named Aayla, and another girl named Mara Jade. Star Wars fans for life.Like they ever had a chance.Randy Stradley
Youngest son with a Wookie…. #StarWarsReadsDay schwager
How did I not realize this? It’s #StarWarsReadsDay well, that explains the Stormtroopers taking over Barnes and Noble then. :)Meeka Chan
The two appendices in the back of #StarWars Essential Reader’s Companion are proving their worth every day. Thank you @infinata #SWEU (ES)StarWarsBooks
For those keeping score at home, my current ERC inspired costume list currently sits at 3 and I’m 245 pages in.Bria
I’m putting up a #StarWarsReads display. We have even more Star Wars books than I thought we did. I’m …kind of overwhelmed.Amy M Weir
Half way through first book of Thrawn trilogy. I see why everyone raves about it. #SWEUCan’dalore
you wonder if those #SWEU fans who named their twins Jacen & Jaina in the 90s are now regretting those name choices. #onewaytobeanonlychildJames Floyd
"Dad… I’m a Sith." "We support any life choice you make son… but your sister is gonna have to kill you."#SWEUAaron Goins
OH at Star Tours > DudeBro: This doesn’t really fit into continuity. Me: You must be new.Mandy

The Clone Wars

So that episode was kind of boring but seem to be building up to something bigger. Environments were pretty. Lux and Ahsoka :/ #CloneWarsAaron Goins
Watching #CloneWars. HOW does the Empire take over the galaxy with such stupid droids????D. B.
And that’s lux? Didnt recognise him. They aged him up well. Looks way more like his mother now. I love his path through the #CloneWars.James Brophy
I’m really not diggin’ Maul’s overly long cyber legs. Half the time he’s a badass, half the time he’s a chump. #clonewarsCan’dalore
I think the new #CloneWars was good, I liked it. But I still want to see more character growth to make the characters we see in Episode III!Padmé Skygirl
Gotta say, we’re only 2 episodes in and I already miss having @TheCloneWars on Friday nights. @cartoonnetwork #CloneWarsJustin LaSalata

Star Wars Life

Birthday party, mostly five-year-old boys, has circle time completely hijacked by attendees when storyteller brings up Star Wars.Eric A. Meyer
Deciding between Ultimate Spider Man, Star Wars and Ninja Turtle cartoons is the hardest decision of my day.I mean my sons day……MineNobody
Any joke can be made funnier to me by including a Star Wars reference. This will never stop being true. #TakeFromThatWhatYouWillMatt McCullar


That awkward moment when you make a Star Wars reference that no one understands.Darth Vader
#VoteJedi if you want a world where girls can’t be Jedi, Wookiees don’t get medals and droids get rewarded with memory wipes.Death Star PR