Partying as Alderaan: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

This time, we prep for Halloween, think about the GFFA’s toilets, used the force to open automatic doors and all the rest of the #SWEU, Star Wars life and snark. You know, the usual.

Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for the week of Oct. 22-28

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I want to be invited to a costume party, tell everyone going to attend that I am going as Alderaan, and not show up. #StarWarsJose Perez
I honestly couldn’t sleep last night because I was imagining all the different types of toilets you’d need in the Star Wars Universe.Tokyo Sexwhale
I know I’m a huge nerd when at work I have to double-check the spelling of just about every unusual name or word except "Wookiee." #starwarsJessica Sue
If I was stuck on a desert island with nothing but Star Wars "making of" documentaries, I’d be ok with that. #StarWars #nevergetsoldEric Peters
Just ONCE I want some #StarWars nerd to break up with his girlfriend using the line "You are not the droid I’m looking for."Grace
If C3PO is versed in all cultures and protocols, why is he such a prick to all of them? #StarWarsVicki Essex
Tumblr is down. It’s as if millions of hipsters suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.Maims Kelleher
Say what you will about the prequels but if there’s one thing Lucas knew how to do, it’s get asses in seats and make money. #StarWarsAlex Townsend


Thanks to Chris at @JediJournals for helping The Emperor get his book. #SWEU #Unlimitedpower
Scoundrels was incredible. I want to start it over and read it again with everything I know now. Excellent work by Tim Zahn. #starwarsBryan Young
Awesome way to start a morning, open my email to find new #StarWars Essential Characters sketches from Doug Wheatley. @danwall88 #SWEUErich Schoeneweiss
Every time I read about skyhooks in the #SWEU I always imagined a floating island. Like a rock with repulsorlifts. Not a small space stationGajo Rasic
Wow. I really like where Agent of the Empire leaves off! Gonna be a fun ride! #SWEUMaleko Hurli man
Years later and I still can’t believe Drew Struzan did the covers for the Jedi Prince books. #SWEUBrian
now to fall asleep reading "Red Harvest" because for some reason talking flowers make zombies. #SWEUTaylor Andriotis

Halloween incoming!

Yoda grew to dislike #Halloween when he kept being denied candy by saying "Treat or Trick." #StarWarsTim Bartlett
Here’s the winner of the office pumpkin carving contest at LucasFilm: Schwartz
My 8year-old thinks he’s too old for Halloween. He’s going as a Jawa so no one sees his face. #starwars #overthinkingHolly Swanson
At this fancy dress do, I had Chewbacca waving his hairy arms and moaning at me, I guess that’s just the way the Wookie Grumbles. #StarWarsGary Gregg

Watching the movies

The Jedi are good guys? You mean the ones leading the slave army to protect the corrupt morally bankrupt government? #StarwarsBob Barker
Why does Yoda walk with a stick even though he can somersault? Shit. Is Yoda fraudulently claiming benefits? #starwars"Dos Defante
No matter how many times I watch the Death Star blow up, it’s always a bitchin win!#starwarsHollie Wood
Best #starwars scene ever: ESB-Han corrects Chewie’s repairs on the Falcon, Chewie talks back to him and KEEPS DOING WHAT HE WAS DOING!MaGnUs
Fact: aesthetically, the Hoth sequences are some of my favourite moments in the #StarWars saga. All that snow looked familiar. #CanadaLJC

Star Wars life

Last tweet: You know you’re old when your male coworker is truly in awe of you b/c you were alive when Star Wars played on the movie screen.Nancy Dietrich
Acting like you are using the force when walking through automatic doors is one of the best things in life #StarWarsCharles Arthur
My awesome #starwars birthday cake made by the amazing @Daniolivia_1992
I always laugh when i see the location of my conference call meeting says "Alderaan". Everybody knows that planet is gone. #starwars #scifiA.J. Landon
Dear fellow preschool mom who named her daughter Annakin but gets mad when ppl mention Star Wars: I feel like you didn’t think that through.Kim Reed
Every time I hear the term ‘Rebel Forces’ on the news, I always think of Darth Vader plotting a scheme on the Death Star. #StarWarsMichael Knight
I have a paper on cloning due tomorrow for biology and need to do some research. Time to watch Attack of the Clones. #StarWarsJake Scully
Heading over to buy fabric to reupholster a couple of dining chairs. DS is trying to convince me to buy #starwars fabric. #maybeAgatha Stawicki
I walked into a patient’s room today and he had a Mandalorian death mark tattoo which I immediately identified. He was impressed. #StarWarsShady
Everything is better when I wear my Empire Strikes Back shirt. Never had a more complimented item of clothing. #StarWarsMiss Miller


What if George Lucas made the Star Wars prequels to inspire more people to review films? #conspiracykeanuEmlyn
Finding something smaller and calling it Mini is not always a good idea. The Empire got overthrown by Mini Wookies after all #starwarsClone Army PR
George Lucas is set to add an extra 20 minutes to each of the original ‘Star Wars’ movies, purely to sustain the weak-assed parody industry.Gordon Currie
Every time someone uses the gif were anakin skywalker says "you underestimate my power" I always think how that ends. #starwars #anakinPernille

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