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Celebration VI: Hasbro’s Jedi Mara Jade Skywalker figure has a new sculpt, same catsuit

Well, this is disappointing… Hasbro revealed their new Mara Jade Skywalker figure at Celebration VI – the Jedi one we voted for in hopes she’d be wearing something other than the catsuit. Well, as expected, the figure is wearing the catsuit anyway… And sporting the wrong lightsaber to boot, so there are certainly going to be some disappointed Mara fans out there. In any case, start looking for the figure in the spring.

Thanks to Phil of ASMZine for the heads-up – check out the figure, plus further thoughts and the possibility of another – under the cut.

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Dunc’s recap of Friday at Celebration VI: Detours, cupcakes, Mark Hamill and more

Today was fairly busy, starting off with the Del Rey panel. It was also the first official reveal of Detours, which I chose not to attend in order to write up Del Rey. This one goes a little beyond just the stuff I was able to attend, if only because of the sheer overlapping amount of big things going on. (Yes: Still exhausting!)

Oh, and apparently The Clone Wars is moving to a Saturday morning debut? Alrighty then. Bryan Young went to the S5 premiere tonight and has posted a review and recap.

Some quick thoughts on Del Rey, Detours, cupcakes, the Essential Reader’s Companion, Mark Hamill and more below the cut.

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Her Universe: Only 300 Mara Jade shirts at CVI

The Mara shirt, featuring art by Cat Staggs, is one of HU’s two Celebration exclusives, and there will only be 300 available. Similarly limited will be an R2-D2 charm. For those not attending, 50 of each will be available through the Her Universe site on August 23rd. The good news: They’ll have the shirt in sizes all the way up to 4X!

The Rebel and Imperial tank tops will also be debuting, though those appear to be part of the permanent line.

Also among the announcements is for the con are Her Universe photo shoots and the Bullied panel.

So why is the Mara shirt a limited engagement? Ashley explains:

Huh. Who knew?

UPDATE: Cat Staggs has posted the Mara art to her DeviantArt account, if you want a closer look at it.

Choose wisely: It’s awesome overload in the CVI store

The merchandise selection for the show store is out, and there’s plenty of great stuff to chose from. We already knew about the Expanded Universe maquettes, above. (There’s a zombie stormtrooper one as well.) As for the rest, I’m guessing the Jar Jar whoopie cushion and retro-style bag will be big sellers… See them, and a few of my other picks, below.

And yes, there’s a ton more at the link – StarWars.com has a handful of high res pics – and the Han and Leia couple shirts are back as well.

Readers have no love for the catsuit, either; First look at Mara in the Essential Reader’s Companion

Not a lot of love for the catsuit round these parts this week. On Tumblr, Molly approached the outfit from a costumer’s perspective, and Ellen Hyde pointed out that it and the Jabba’s dancer outfit are the only Mara costumes recognized by the 501st – while you can get into the Rebel Legion with the green Visions of the Future getup, it’s not that many options. I realize the costuming organizations have to draw the line somewhere, but maybe the 501st will OK the Choices of One version one day?

But I do have a treat for you! Del Rey editor Erich Schoeneweiss has generously shared with us a piece of Mara artwork from Pablo Hidalgo’s Essential Reader’s Companion, which is due out October 2. It’s by Darren Tan and shows Mara’s first encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong in Vector Prime – and no, she’s not in the catsuit. Check it out under the cut.

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A brief history of Mara Jade’s catsuit – and why I’m sick of it

Every Star Wars character has an iconic outfit or two. (Or twenty. Hey, Padme.) Obi-Wan has his Jedi robes, Han Solo has his bloodstripe pants and vest, Boba Fett has his armor. Hell, even Chewbacca has his bandolier.

When it comes to Expanded Universe characters – at least those that derive from books, as opposed to more visual mediums like games or comics – things get a little trickier. Authors generally don’t go for detailed descriptions of clothing, so it’s usually pretty up in the air… At least until someone gets on a book cover, or makes an appearance in a comic book. Which is how Mara Jade got the black leather catsuit that has become – like it or not – her trademark.

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Is this our first look at Her Universe’s Mara Jade shirt?

…I’m guessing yes. Ashley Eckstein writes on this Celebration sneak peek: “This strong female character with Red hair, may have her own awesome shirt.” And who else goes sleeveless with a beige cape?

This is an Instagram photo with a filter, so don’t be too quick to judge on coloring… Though I’m afraid the jumpsuit was inevitable.

Ashley said in February that Her Universe was working with artist Cat Staggs on a Mara shirt for Celebration.

Celebration VI: The rancor is coming!

Special guests The 501st is bringing a rancor to Orlando. Built out of foam by Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, Roxy the Rancor will be avaliable for folks to take pictures with. (Not, alas, wrestling.)

Panels. Still waiting on the schedule, but here’s something new and different: Historian Cole Horton and illustrators Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas will present From World War to Star Wars. The panel, held in the University Room (also new!) will “give fans a rare look into the in-universe parallels and real-world connections between the Second World War and the Star Wars Universe.” This is definitely more of the type of panel I was hoping to see, so it bodes well for the rest of the schedule, I think.

Merchandise. Jedi News’ Justin LaSalata shared the CVI Store’s merchandise order form. Of note for us: The 6″ Mara Jade statue will be available on Thursday for $85.

Also, be sure to vote in our latest sidebar poll!

SDCC roundup: Everything Star Wars

Comic-Con is over, and it’s time for a nap. (Damn you, Monday!) James’ pictures from Sunday begin here. Meanwhile, for those of you not online all weekend, here’s what went down for Star Wars. Some of these have had rather substantial updates after they were first posted!

Expanded Universe. Our focus, the books and comics, got some pretty big bombs dropped. Namely, we heard about our latest post-Fate of the Jedi novel, Crucible by Troy Denning, at the Star Wars books and comics panel. (James taped it! Others live-tweeted!)

Earlier, we had news of Star Wars, a new comic scripted by Brian Wood. It’s provoked plenty of discussion, both for the usual continuity issues and putting Leia in an X-Wing.

We’re also getting Vader’s Little Princess, a Leia-centric followup to Darth Vader and Son, and a Dawn of the Jedi novel by Tim Lebbon. There will be more book announcements at Celebration VI.

James also did an interview with John Jackson Miller, which is up over at Big Shiny Robot.

The Clone Wars. Lots of season 5 tidbits dropped, and the premiere will debut at Celebration VI.

Merchandise. Still nothing from Sideshow on their long-promised Mara Jade figure, but we did learn that a Mara mini-fig we saw at Celebration V is going into production as a Celebration VI store exclusive. It was also announced that Kotobukiya is going to do a Bishoujo Mara Jade, and Hasbro’s Jedi Mara figure will be in Wave 2 of the Droid Factory line. ‘

In other, less Mara news, Master Replicas is launching a Jedi costume line. Check out all that new Her Universe stuff!

Also. Course of the Force; Random House Audio bringing their fanfic-reading contest to CVI.