Up close with Hasbro’s Black Series Mara Jade

Black series Mara Jade (Yakface.com)

Yakface has posted a look at the new Black Series Mara Jade figure in their Toyguide. I’m afraid the 80’s hair isn’t much better in these pics.

Black series Mara Jade (Yakface.com)Black series Mara Jade (Yakface.com)Black series Mara Jade (Yakface.com)

There’s a hefty gallery that gives you a good look at the figure… We’ve already gone over our disappointment over the catsuit, but how does the new figure compare to the previous ones, in your eyes? They provided a picture to compare and everything:

Mara Jade figures from 1998, 2007 and 2013 (Yakface.com)

The previous figure are from 1998, left, and 2007, center. Thanks to Yakface for permission to run a few of the pictures – head over to their gallery for many, many more.

UPDATE: Yakface has an easy fix for the, ahh, head issue.

19 Replies to “Up close with Hasbro’s Black Series Mara Jade”

  1. Wow, those eyebrows.

    Honestly, I kind of like the first one the best, which is kind of sad. Between the shiny catsuit and the hair and the (seemingly) bigger bust, I’m really disappointed in this figure.

    (And they gave her the purple lightsaber. So much for her being Mara Jade “Skywalker.” Maybe one day we’ll get a figure of her in Jedi robes.)

  2. Smaller waist, bigger bust, bigger hair… I’m sorry. I didn’t realize Barbie was into Star Wars cosplay.

  3. She looks like Fran Fine/Drescher with red hair. Which is surprisingly fitting for Luke’s wife (genericly speaking) and rather disquieting for Mara Jade. ;-)

  4. Nice articulation, and I’m not sure if the bust/waist is really THAT much more pronounced (the whole figure is slightly larger than the others), but I haven’t seen a less fitting head sculpt in years. That hair is legit awful.

  5. I am sorry, but in todays hi tech modelling. If that is supposed to be Mara Jade, then it’s disgraceful. Unfortuantely people will buy it none the less, one more sub standard figure to their collection.

    I love star wars, used to collect figures, gave up after all the repackaged rehashes and poor quality. The eyebrows make her look almost Klingon with the hair and features. Again i apologise, I prefer my beloved original 1998 figure I bought with Thrwn.

  6. Delighted they make a new Mara – but gotta agree that the hair is terrible. And the eyebrows are even worse! She looks more Alien than Human…

  7. The eyebrows creep me out.

    I didn’t realize Mara Jade came from New Jersey, but where else could she be from with hair like that?

  8. Why does everyone persist in giving her a purple lightsaber when Zahn makes it clear that it’s magenta?!?!?
    And the eyebrows look neon.
    And the hair is over-the-top and either too long (Last Command, Choices of One) or too short (VOTF) for all of Zahn’s covers. That is my biggest pet peeve about messing up Mara-her hair. “Red-gold” is not a difficult concept (which this figure clearly fails to grasp) and just because Zahn doesn’t specify how long her hair is doesn’t mean it can dramatically change in length book-to-book.
    Rant over. Verdict: For sure, no way.

  9. @Zannah Jade

    “just because Zahn doesn’t specify how long her hair is doesn’t mean it can dramatically change in length book-to-book.”

    Did you mean can’t? I mean, I change my hair length and style pretty drastically every year or two.

  10. @breathesgelatin
    There are a few specific examples I was referring to, the most notable being the two weeks or so between VOTF and Union.

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