Our first look at Kotobukiya’s Mara Jade

Sketch for Kotobukiya's Mara Jade statue

Sure, she’s in the catsuit, because of course she is, but it’s still pretty neat. This sketch, by Shunya Yamashita, was posted on the Kotobukiya Facebook today. (Thanks to @ASMzine for bringing it to our attention!)

Kotobukiya will be part of the Star Wars: Collectibles Update panel Friday at SDCC. Mara will be their second EU figure – Jaina Solo was the first.

UPDATE 7/19: According to reports from SDCC, the Mara statue will be out February 2014, and the Jaina one will be re-released.

13 Replies to “Our first look at Kotobukiya’s Mara Jade”

  1. it’s not so much a suit as spray painted on fun PVC….no boob support either which must be hellish painful when she’s running around being badass.

  2. Algnc: Saw that the other day, I think I tweeted or RTed something? But not quite as noteworthy as an actual statue, IMO.

  3. First: Ugh to the catsuit. Can we please get away from that costume?

    Second: I really despised the Kotobukiya interpretation of Jaina. This one is a bit better, catsuit notwithstanding, but I felt that the Jaina one reduced her from an empowered ass-kicker to a typical Japanese schoolgirl interpretation with a lightsaber so we know it’s from Star Wars.

    The Mara statue at least says something more to me than “Hi, I’m just shy of a Rule 34 interpretation of Jaina Solo. How you doin’?”

  4. As much as I think catsuits are a lame comic book trope, you have to admit that it’s pretty much become the outfit most associated with Mara, for better or worse. It’s as iconic for Mara as the black ROTJ outfit is for Luke. So I can’t really see the franchise moving away from it.

  5. I’m sick of the catsuit and I’m sick of the loose hair (that by the Power of the Force apparently never gets in the way in battles or cut by lightsabers) – but Dunc, I like your wording “because of course she is”. The world only turns slowly and better Mara Jade in catsuit than no Mara Jade. And as you say, the sketch is still pretty neat.

  6. Dom: I did admit it. See the catsuit post. ;)

    We can keep talking about it and end up getting things like the Choices of One PB cover and the new HU shirt, but the only way her wardrobe default is going to change farther than certain circles is if she shows up in a movie, and those aren’t fantastic odds.

  7. What bugs me more than the catsuit is her face. Okay, that may be the grumpy old man talking, but I so very much loath that anime stuff…

    And the catsuit… Well… I get why it’s popular (among marketing pros), but in my opinion a good agent of the Emperor would probably dress a little less agently. Why not give her the Star Wars equivalent of James Bond’s tuxedo, something formal, flexible and adaptable for all occasions? She is, after all, not primarily a Jedi fighter babe but a secret agent/assassin.

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