Her Universe debuts Mara Jade, Jaina Solo tees


Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe is bringing the expanded universe to SDCC! They’ll be debuting a new Mara Jade tee using Daryl Mandryk’s art from the Choices of One paperback cover, and a Jaina Solo tee using John VanFleet’s art from the Sword of the Jedi teaser image. Only 100 of each will be offered at the con, however, and they’ll only be online “for a limited time only.” They’ll be online during SDCC.

It also sounds like they’ve revamped their booth, which is promising.

There are a few other debuts, including their new Walking Dead line, but you know we’re biased.

UPDATE: Here’s the chat link, and huge thanks to Ashley for the kind words!

4 Replies to “Her Universe debuts Mara Jade, Jaina Solo tees”

  1. I like the full-shirt designs. I know they’re not for everyone, but they suit my figure a lot better than shirts that draw the eye to the bust.

    I’m also psyched that she picked one of my favorite images of Mara, wearing the badass-looking armor. I think I like the overall design of the Jaina shirt better, but I like Mara’s outfit better than Jaina’s. (And I’m just going to stop for a second to squee about the fact that we’re getting enough new stuff for female fans to actually consider which ones we like better. So cool! ok, squee over).

    Glad to see the shirts will be offered online for a limited time–I really want that Ahsoka shirt in my life Because Reasons.

  2. I really want both of these. I hope they come in a good size range. My only problem with Her Universe is that there shirts are often really small.

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