On the Tumblr: Is this the greatest Jedi Master Luke portrait of all time?

Phil Noto's Jedi Master Luke SkywalkerOur Tumblr passed 300 followers not too long ago, and while posting has slowed at times, there’s still plenty of stuff that doesn’t make it all the way here. So if you’re on Tumblr, follow us!

Fan art. Comic book artist Phil Noto did an awesome Jedi Master Luke Skywalker portrait. Bow down. Also, from Burton Durand, Star Wars characters in hats. (Shouldn’t Ackbar be a Mets fan?)

In brief. This is the greatest beginner’s guide to the Expanded Universe ever. I am not kidding. You’ll laugh, then you’ll cry from laughing. Oh, and a pretty cool Skywalker-Solo family tree.

On that note… What is my favorite official Mara Jade art? It’s not a big surprise because it’s been chilling in the masthead fora while now, but here’s the full scan.

Crafts. A Star Wars felt crib mobile that will automatically make your child 20% cooler. And let’s not forget the shoes: The Sith ones have spikes – the Artoo ones have Artoo, and I’m way more chill with them now that I see that the action figure isn’t actually standing in for the heel.

Fact you can use. What’s the problem with boob-shaped armor? Enter a new realm of fantasy nit-picking.

Photoshoppery. This may be self-serving, but I posted all the sequel/spinoff graphics I’ve done so far. ALIENS.

Just cool. A Darth Vader Meditation Chamber fireplace. I want one.

Your moment of zen. Baby in an X-wing uniform.

6 Replies to “On the Tumblr: Is this the greatest Jedi Master Luke portrait of all time?”

  1. I’ve been loving Phil Noto’s work on Buffy Season 9. That Luke piece is pretty killer, indeed, and a very welcome respite from the onslaught of bad Hamill-head-on-Kenobi-body photoshoppery of late.

  2. when I clicked on the twitter link, I was really hoping I was about to see Luke in a catsuit.

    Jests aside, however, it looks pretty badass.

    And regarding boob-shaped armor: Yes Times A Billion. There’s also the fact that it would naturally guide pointy objects towards the sternum. So even if the warrior doesn’t fall over, she’s going to end up with a weak point where she shouldn’t have one. (If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that’s probably why the pictured dome-fronted armor was The Style for a while–it would direct a jousting lance to one side or the other, making it easier to stay on the horse).

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