EUbits: Lucasbooks get some serious ink

Below the fold, but hey.

Before we get any deeper into the SDCC madness…

Press. LucasBooks and the Expanded Universe was highlighted in an article that appeared on the front page of Friday’s Wall Street Journal. (That’s the print version above.) It’s situated behind a paywall online, but there are ways around that. Writer Alexandra Alter appeared on NPR to talk further about it on Tuesday.

The Star Wars. J.W. Rinzler talks about the upcoming comic with CBR, while artist Mike Mayhew chats with Bleeding Cool.

Crucible. There’s another Troy Denning interview at Lightsaber Rattling. Shockingly enough, not everyone agrees with what he had to say about Jaina Solo. And here’s a video that features Denning talking last week in Minnesota.

Namesake corner. Mara again? Here’s a new piece of art from the new card game, by Anthony Foti. She also made the cover of the latest expansion, and you can see she’s on at least one more card there, too.

4 Replies to “EUbits: Lucasbooks get some serious ink”

  1. Denning’s comments about the Jaina-Zekk-Jag triangle are interesting. I would actually classify myself as a Jaina/Zekk shipper, but for different reasons than what Denning outlines. I mean, Jaina can go where she wants and do what she wants as far as I’m concerned. Just seemed like Jaina/Zekk always made sense to me personally somehow.

  2. For the record, I don’t have a horse in the old Jaina love polygon ship wars. My issue with Denning’s comments were grounded much more in unsettling real-world parallels to his statements. I thought his reasoning conveyed some rather problematic messages.

    1. Yeah, I have no horse in the race to lead Jaina’s harem (all her dudes are equally boring to me) but that statement really rubbed me the wrong way, too.

  3. Wanted to clarify: I don’t disagree with either of you either. In fact I think it points out the flaws in Denning’s reasoning that I, as his fellow Jaina/Zekk shipper, think his reasoning is kind of wacky too.

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