SDCC reveals: Star Wars Hallmark ornaments for 2014

Hallmark 2014: Cantina Band

The 2013 Hallmark ornaments are just now in stores, but early versions of the 2014 ornaments are already on display at their booth in the Lucasfilm Pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con – and at

Hallmark 2014: Biker scoutHallmark 2014: YodaHallmark 2014: Frankenvader

The Cantina band figure will have a sound feature, while the Yoda one detects motion.

Hallmark 2014: Sandcrawler

My favorite, oddly enough? The Sandcrawler! I might actually pick one up, a year or so from now…

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  1. I seriously collected the ornaments for a while and had to stop… Mostly, I try to not even look at them, because it just makes me want to buy them. I just can’t see having more than a tree’s worth of Star Wars ornaments.

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