A closer look at Hasbro’s new Mara Jade figure

Hasbro's Black Series Mara Jade (carded)Hasbro's Black Series Mara Jade

The pictures from the second wave of Hasbro’s Black Series are out, and thus, another look at their latest Mara Jade figure. Thanks to Yodanews for the pics!

This Mara figure – Hasbro’s third – started as the 2011 Fan’s Choice – as Mara Jade Skywalker, actually. (Curious, but not particularly so.) The sculpt was revealed at Celebration VI and moved to the Black Series earlier this year. It should be available… Well, I’ve heard the fall, but who knows. I’ll keep an eye out.

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  1. We just sent our condolences to Club Jade about the catsuit at my site. On the plus side, it doesn’t read as overly sexualized and the holster looks pretty cool.

    1. You should probably give Yodanews a credit. Either with a link or via Tumblr’s handy credit feature.

  2. My only problem is the saber but then again, why do I need another Luke/Anakin Lightsaber. I do understand that, that one is her original lightsaber.

  3. As annoying as the omnipresent catsuit is, it’s always bothered me that Mara almost never has sleeves. Virtually everyone in Star Wars is wearing long sleeves, of some form or another, at virtually all times. But poor Mara is stuck in a tight-fitting PVC tanktop.

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