Video: The Force Awakens trailer is here, and it’s amazing


It’s here!

Okay, now down to business.


The ‘mystery’ voice (“The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in.”) is pretty clearly Lupita Nyong’o, aka Maz Kanata. No conspiracy theory needed. This also points to her being Force-sensitive. Also, I think that’s her place above. See anything familiar in the banners? I’m getting a really kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe off this shot.


This trailer makes a clear case for Rey as our main character – the ‘Luke.’ Longing looks and all.


Poe Dameron in our ‘Leia,’ beginning as a member of the Resistance, gets tortured.

Which makes Finn the ‘Han’ – our reluctant hero who ends up thrown in the middle. Their other traits don’t mix exactly – you can swap Rey and Finn pretty easily, for instance. From the trailer dialogue – and all the trailers – Finn pretty clearly comes across as someone who has only just now started to question his situation.


“I was raised to do one thing… but I’ve got nothing to fight for,” also seems like a pretty clear confirmation of a few things that have been floating around, namely that the stormtroopers (at least) are indoctrinated from birth or an otherwise early age. (We see the beginnings of this in an actual novel – spoilers for Servants of the Empire #4: The Secret Academy and Shattered Empire #2.


Kylo Ren talking to the Vader mask (“Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started.”) could be an editing misdirection… But probably isn’t.


“There are stories about what happened…”


“It’s true. All of it. The dark side, the Jedi, they’re real.” Remember when Han Solo was the cynic?

This also sets up a very different galaxy. The truth is still muddled.


Are those… the Knights of Ren? Does no one else have a lightsaber? Could Kylo be the only Force-sensitive?


Well, now we know where the X-Wings are going.


Okay, these are clearly different scenes, but WHY IS CRY?


Kylo Ren’s mask is off. Shit’s gonna get real. Finn immediately regrets this decision.

But let’s cap this off with Daisy Ridley’s reaction to the trailer:

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  1. “Poe Dameron in our ‘Leia,’ beginning as a member of the Resistance, gets tortured. Obviously their other traits don’t mix exactly, but the basics are obvious.”

    False. Poe is clearly the prettiest princess of them all. I have it on good authority that he rocks the buns.

  2. Okay, how did I miss notcing that was Finn and Kylo Ren in that scene?!? Time to watch the trailer again…

    1. It looks like Chewie’s fur and bandolier. There’s no way they just showed what I think they showed in the trailer… it’s JJ.

      1. Chewie being partially in the shot doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the one she’s crying over, though.

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