The Mandalorian trailer #2: He speaks!

Here’s the latest trailer for The Mandalorian, with some repeats but plenty of new footage, and quite a bit of Werner Herzog. And yes, we finally get to hear Pedro Pascal talk… briefly.

Plenty of questions raised: Will the helmet come off? Are some of those scenes flashbacks? What happened to the Mandalorians?

It’s official: New Rise of Skywalker trailer coming Monday

The “final” trailer for The Rise of Skywalker is coming on the next Monday Night Football, Lucasfilm has announced via Twitter. We also get a brief shot of Rey, Chewbacca, Finn and Poe in the Millennium Falcon:

Hoping for a non-square version of this shot before the actual trailer…

In the meantime, Lucasfilm PR’s Chris Argyropoulos comes through with the details. The trailer will drop at halftime, and tickets will go on sale immediately after the launch:

And the UK folks come through with a full screen version of the video clip:

And here’s another version, although it uses footage we’ve already seen:

Rise of Skywalker teaser beats TFA, TLJ numbers

The Rise of Skywalker teaser that debuted at Celebration Chicago had 111M views within its first 24 hours, Deadline reports, beating the equivalent numbers for the first teaser from The Last Jedi and doubling on the Black Friday 2014 teaser for The Force Awakens.

It’s not an overall record – the last two Avengers films still hold that – but as Deadline notes, a good chunk of Star Wars fans were watching via the convention livestream. (Although, bear in mind, The Last Jedi teaser also debuted during a livestreamed Celebration!)

Star Wars Always: The complete franchise trailer we kinda need right now

Actor Topher Grace made some headlines in 2012 when word leaked that he’d privately shown an 85-minute version of all three Star Wars prequels. That’s unlikely to ever see the light of day, but he and friend/collaborator Jeff Yorkes have now released a 5-minute “mega-trailer” for the franchise, including both complete trilogies, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Rogue One and Solo. It’s absolutely worth a watch, and the perfect thing to come out as we await Episode IX.

Extended look at Star Wars Resistance and release details

With the Resistance premiere coming up, Lucasfilm gives us our most comprehensive look yet at the new cartoon with an “Extended Sneak Peek.” In addition to the main cast, it includes more Poe Dameron and a glimpse at Captain Phasma and General Organa.

The show will debut on October 7 on Disney Channel (10 p.m. ET/PT) and DisneyNOW. Two more episodes will be available on DisneyNow and Disney Channel video on demand.

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New Solo trailer debuts Sunday

A new Solo trailer is debuting Sunday, official accounts are teasing. There’s a promo out there that pegs it as appearing during ABC’s American Idol reboot, which starts at 8:00 p.m. (Since it’s not football season, but honestly… I’d rather watch football. Luckily, it’s 2018 and we have Twitter and Youtube.)

The second promo, with a touch more new footage and the Idol sting:

The Big Question: Will we see Solo at the Super Bowl?

It’s been widely speculated in fan circles that Lucasfilm may launch the marketing campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story with a Super Bowl spot, but now we have The Hollywood Reporter weighing in. They don’t seem to have any special sources and are going with “widely expected,” though, so they might just be working off the same logic the rest of us are.

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