SWCO: The Last Jedi teaser debut, first details on Kelly Marie Tran’s character

It’s here, and boy are we going to be arguing about this one. Looks like we’re going deep into the Jedi issue, and Luke’s (understandably) reluctant to train Rey. Or has he discovered a new way? During the panel, Daisy Ridley implied that “meeting your heroes” often means you won’t find them to be as you might expect.

The metaphysical debate will have to wait – though it’s being acted out all over the OCCC right now – and let’s get down to some actual info.

She’s not in the trailer, but we learned during the panel that Kelly Marie Tran’s character is Rose. She’s a Resistance maintenance worker who gets drawn into the story. Meanwhile, the new planet with the red dust is (officially) Crait, per Rian Johnson.

This nifty teaser poster was handed out:

And here’s the panel:

3 Replies to “SWCO: The Last Jedi teaser debut, first details on Kelly Marie Tran’s character”

  1. Looks a lot like The Empire Strikes Back to me. Reclusive Jedi Master training a new hope? Check. Casino planet (cloud city)? Check. Battle against walkers on a white planet? Check.
    I have a very bad feeling about this.

    1. Reminds me of that video comparing old Disney animation and how often they recycled the same scenes. I bet we’ll see a twist with the revelation of someone’s parents, and hopefully someone loses a limb or gets stuffed into a dead animal. I definitely won’t watch it and love it anyway.

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