The Force Awakens teaser trailer is here!

It’s live! It’s also now up on the official Youtube, as seen above.

Want to dig deeper? I recommend the shot-for-shot posts from io9, Making Star Wars and /Film. They all discuss some of the rumors we’ve heard, and how they apply to what’s been revealed today. And there’s some immediate reaction over at Eleven-ThirtyEight and Tosche Station.

The biggest – or at least most questioned mystery of the the teaser – who’s that in the voiceover? Popular theories thrown out today include Andy Serkis, Max von Sydow, and the rumor that refuses to die: Benedict Cumberbatch. According Drew McWeeney at Hitfix, it is indeed Serkis, who is “playing a pivotal role in the film, although he will not have a lot of screen time.”

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  1. Looks pretty decent. I’m bummed we didn’t get any big three action, at least a voice or something, but what I saw I liked. I was a little meh on the droid the first viewing but I can see that I would have loved it as a kid and it’s sort of like having an R2D2 who can dash around and be a little more active, which should be fun.

  2. Curious that we didn’t get any views of the original cast. So, judging by the three characters they highlighted in the teaser, can we assume that Boyega, Ridley and Isaac’s characters are the new big three?

      1. Pretty sure, but I can’t blame anyone who’s questioning it. Still, would they use a random-extra-who-kinda-looks-like-Oscar-Isaac in this context? I doubt it.

  3. Do you know who is speaking?

    P.S. That droid is the kriffing cutest thing that I’ve ever seen.

        1. Just heard the narration passed through an audio filter on RFR, and I’m sold on the Serkis theory now. I’d thought Cumberbatch was just narrating the trailer like the “In a world…” guy (i.e., not in the movie). So, that means we might hear the dialogue in the movie. Good news!

    1. I think it’s partially because he likes to use anamorphic lenses, which naturally produce them. He’s admitted that the flares in Star Trek were “ridiculous” and I’m sure he’ll tone it down a tad.

    2. You want lens flare? Go re-watch the original Star Wars (a.k.a. A New Hope, Episode IV) and watch the Falcon appear to fly out of the sun during the Battle of Yavin and fire on the TIEs that were chasing Luke down the Death Star trench. Now THAT’S lens flare.

    1. SO RANDOM.

      Also delightfully ironic, as much as I’ve been mocking Quicktime lately, and how it came back TO BITE ME ON THE ASS.

  4. Two additional trailer thoughts a few days after:

    1) I excitedly showed the trailer to my wife, who’s a mainstream moviegoer (i.e. not a SW enthusiast). She watched it without emotion, turned to me when it was done, and said, “Um, OK, so why’s that so great? What does that tell you about the movie?” Always nice to have the fandom bubble be popped and be reminded of what the rest of the world thinks…

    2) Sad for the OT characters that it’s possible they’ve spent the last 30+ years in neverending war?

    1. One theory that’s been floating around re: your #2 is that we may start out in a bit of a cold war scenario, which I think makes a lot of sense.

      1. Yes. A cold war situation. I like this theory a lot! It would explain quite a bit of what we see in the teaser trailer (troopers, squadron insignias, seemingly-daring X-wing mission, Falcon / TIE fighter skirmish etc.).

        Also, having revisited the Apple Movie Trailers website today I notice it says “first teaser”… (did it always say that?) could that imply that there will be subsequent teasers of some sort before the actual trailer? And could we even get multiple actual trailers, like some other films do? (I kinda hope not – US versions of trailers always seem to give away so much!)

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