#StarWars Tweets Special Edition: #TheForceAwakens teaser trailer (Part 1)

@starwars: Yes, that’s new John Williams score in #TheForceAwakens teaser.

Well, that was a day, wasn’t it? I love you all, and thus I have tread through all the erection jokes and true fan bullshit and hashtag spammers (we trended!) to give you the best tweets about yesterday’s The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Big congrats also go to @starwars, who made it past the 1 million follower mark today!

UPDATE: Now with Part 2!

John Boyega

(There’s video.)

On that note, there’s being confused about the stormtroopers no longer being clones, and then there’s overt racism. Some people had a little trouble with that today, and while I won’t feature them, I will feature these awesome responses:



Daisy Ridley

Oscar Isaac and the X-wings

The broadsaber wielder

(I support that theory.)

The Millennium Falcon…



2 Replies to “#StarWars Tweets Special Edition: #TheForceAwakens teaser trailer (Part 1)”

  1. Everyone I know (in real life) would probably say I’m the biggest Star Wars fan they’ve ever met, that I’m obsessed etc. And yet I feel so isolated in NOT raving manically about this new trailer.

    I mean, yeah, I got excited when I first saw “clips form an entirely new live action Star wars film”. But watching the trailer again, none of the images I saw felt that astounding or even that fresh. It was OK, decent.

    It’s not a stubborn loyalty to the EU or Lucas, nor grumpy fanboy cynicism. I want to see a great Star Wars film as much as everyone else, but nothing so far has made me that excited other than the general idea of continuing the Star Wars story on the big screen.

    I can’t help but feel that if this was the teaser for George Lucas’s Episode VII, everyone would have a different reaction. “Ugh, broadsword lightsaber? Beach ball droid? More stupid designs. X-wings and stormtroopers? Nothing’s moved on for 30 years – typical Lucas lack of imagination. And that narration – ‘something has awakened’. So, more mystical bullplop and cheesy lines. Yep, this will be a dud.”

    I’m not trying to be a spoilsport, just so not feeling this overwhelming positivity that everyone else seems to be.

    1. Well, it’s bound to happen.

      As for the fighters, we already knew that the X-wings are clearly different models – and for that matter, we know that in the real world, some planes can last a long time. My father was in the Air Force during Vietnam, and he serviced planes that saw action in WWII. Some of the planes that were newer back then may very well still be in active duty. I doubt the Empire (or whoever) is sending their best/newest to the Outer Rim. (Not that we get a close enough look at the TIEs in this to really tell.)

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