On TV: Warehouse 13, Leverage renewed, new Thrones characters, and more

Fresh off the heels of killing, renewing, and really killing Eureka, SyFy has renewed its most watched series, Warehouse 13 for a fourth season in 2012. Entertainment Weekly discusses Syfy’s image post-Eureka, and announced a fifth season of Leverage on TNT. Also not axed yet: Syfy had to quash rumors that its new superhuman show, Alphas, had been canned.

Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones? Check out these three new character castings on Blastr. Or check out this tribute video: (Warning: NSFW!)

SyFy cancels Eureka, plays bait-and-switch

After Twitter exploded with rage that Eureka was being cancelled last week, The Wrestling Channel SyFy announced that they were giving them six episodes to wrap up the series, next year. Apparently, they have now changed their minds.

Wil Wheaton, who has been playing the hilariously petty Dr. Parrish on the show, wrote up his reaction on his blog. And here’s a round-up of the fan and cast reactions.

After the way they played Stargate fans, you’d think SyFy would have learned how to better break up with a show.

Gate Geek: Mallozzi responds to SyFy

As reported by GateWorld, Stargate Universe producer Joseph Mallozzi (who is doing a fun review of his favorite Stargate experiences) has a few quibbles with SyFy’s open letter to Stargate fans.

Mostly, it gets down to wanting SyFy to admit the error in judgment in their decision to move SGU to Tuesday’s based on the success of a less competitive summer schedule. Plus, there’s the ongoing discussion about how DVR ratings should affect things that everyone in the industry is trying to figure out; especially around genre shows.

Bottom line, there were business reasons for the show to end. And it’s still sad.

SGU actor ain’t gonna take it any more

Brian Jacob Smith, who plays Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, has had it with Stargate fans who hate the latest show, yet persist in hanging around to annoy everyone else with how much they hate it.

He took to TwitLonger to let one fan, in particular, know just how he felt.  But, hey, it applies.

Please don’t lurk in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to turn our enthusiasm against us. It’s such a rotten thing to do, and I’m struggling to understand why you think it’s perfectly fine. If you need a good example of why this fanbase is so divided and full of animosity, just refer to your comment.

So far, I’m not seeing a specific groundswell of topics about this over in the wild west of the Gateworld forum, but I’m sure this will strike a note.  It’s been a long-standing problem in fandom and I, for one, am glad to see Brian stand up to it.

Her Universe teams with SyFy

Her Universe’s second partnership is one that’s sure to make a lot of ladies around here happy: It was announced today at the SyFy Digital Press Tour that Her Universe will be producing a line of female-oriented merchandise for the science fiction channel.

We’re still waiting on the details, of course, but this is certainly a good sign for Her Universe and the fans.

UPDATE: TFN has the press release, which namechecks Caprica, Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy and Warehouse 13.

Gate Geek: SGU Starts Strong

Stargate Universe had a lot of folks intrigued, apparently.  They beat Dollhouse (poor Dollhouse) with 2.3 million viewers in the US.  In Canada, they set a record for the highest episode ever on Space.  And its UK premiere last night was the highest rated show in its timeslot for the night.

Now they just have to keep this going.  (I was pleased, but reactions around the web do include a fair percentage of folks who weren’t.)

Yesterday was SyFy Press Day in Vancouver.  Expect all sorts of articles to be cropping up in the next few days and weeks about Stargate and the other SyFy shows (Sanctuary, Caprica).

TV news: HBO’s A Game of Thrones gets their queen(s)

Lena Headey in 'The Brothers Grim'HBO’s A Game of Thrones adaption has announced casting for many of the major roles since we last checked in. But the one making the most waves online since Sean Bean is the news that Lena Headey will play Cersai Lannister, the ambitious wife of King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) and a main foil of the series. Headey is plenty familiar to genre fans from her turn as the title character in The Sarah Conner Chronicles and as Queen Gorgo in 300. (Or maybe even 2005’s The Brothers Grimm, as seen at right.) Here’s hoping she can pull it off.

Other familiar faces include Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice ’95) as Catelyn Stark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (New Amsterdam, Virtuality) as Cersei’s brother Jaime Lannister, Iain Glen (Kingdom of Heaven) as Ser Jorah Mormont, and Tamzin Merchant (The Tudors) as Daenerys Targaryen. Check out George R. R. Martin’s blog for more on the younger actors.

  • SyFy. Warehouse 13 is setting records for the recently remonikered network; the show’s sixth episode was the most-watched series telecast in the channel’s history. It beat out… Episode five of the same series! Huh. In less hopeful rumors, they’re reportedly considering a cooking show. ‘Imagine greater’ indeed.
  • MTV. Their Rocky Horror remake is “on hold,” (phew) but they are looking to reinvent Teen Wolf. Okay…
  • Disney/Marvel. Has the New Mouse Order claimed its first victim?
  • Supernatural. Creator Eric Kripke hedges around ending the series. Err, story. Err… Buffy lives?
  • The Vampire Diaries. The CW is promoting their upcoming vampire drama with blood drives around the country.
  • Just for fun. io9 has captured many of 30 Rock’s salutes to the genre.