First look at Her Universe’s SyFy tees

We saw new jewelry the other day, but now pictures of some of Her Universe’s new designs have been released. The first two SyFy shirts feature a red Cylon spine and Sharktopus (for guys, too!) plus a brand-new StarWars burnout logo tee.

Not included in the press release, but showing up on the website’s SDCC promo, is a ‘So Say We All’ hoodie.

UPDATE: On Facebook today, a Warehouse 13 shirt.

9 Replies to “First look at Her Universe’s SyFy tees”

  1. I like the Cylon tee! I’m trying to avoid owning more black tee shirts, but I always love it when tee shirt designers find ways ’round putting the entire design on my chest, where it’s just going to get distorted anyway.

    The new Star Wars burnout is cool, too. I liked the old one, but since several of the reviews said the burnout was a little see-through, I was worried about ordering it. The new one’s a little less burnt out, so even if it is a bit sheer, it won’t be much of an issue.

  2. Yes, the first burnout was very see-through. I really like the outline design of the new one and I’m hoping it isn’t as bad.

    The BSG hoodie is nice! My shopping list for C6 is growing…

  3. the first thing for guys is a Sharktopus shirt? because everyone loves some hers-and-his matching syfy movie of the week monster shirts.

  4. I…I don’t get it. Are there people that like SyFy’s movies of the week? Enough to buy tee-shirts of them? Are they, like, hipsters? Is this an ironic thing?

  5. So far, nothing I’d want to get for myself… but I have a friend who is going to be VERY happy and surprised when I give her a Sharktopus shirt for her birthday!

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