Her Universe teams with SyFy

Her Universe’s second partnership is one that’s sure to make a lot of ladies around here happy: It was announced today at the SyFy Digital Press Tour that Her Universe will be producing a line of female-oriented merchandise for the science fiction channel.

We’re still waiting on the details, of course, but this is certainly a good sign for Her Universe and the fans.

UPDATE: TFN has the press release, which namechecks Caprica, Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy and Warehouse 13.

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  1. I suspect their biggest request, thus far, has been for other franchises. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

  2. I’m definitely interested! Just wish SciFi (I can’t use the other spelling) would have Dr. Who because I want something 11th dr/Amy/River -esque :) A necklace with dr’s or companions would be awesome- or a Tardis necklace or — okay I’ll go over here and focus on rewatching last season again…

  3. I really doubt that SyFy has merchandise rights to every show they run in reruns. I doubt we’ll see any Trek or Firefly merchandise. The rights for those (particularly Trek) would probably have to be negotiated for separately. (Same for Doctor Who.)

    I’d guess we’re looking at stuff more like Eureka, Caprica, Warehouse 13 and MAYBE Stargate (at least the latest iteration.) But not having tuned in since BSG, I’m honestly not familiar enough with their programming to know what counts as their originals.

  4. We should see more Star Wars stuff before the holidays: Any day now, really. And Ashley has talked about a spring line, too. They’re by no means ‘done’ with Star Wars.

  5. Thanks. I heard it was coming out next year, good that it’s sooner than I thought! Too bad I can’t give it as a gift this Christmas; I should consider some of the other stuff on there. So far my favorite is the Padme tee-do you have any of the HU stuff, Dunc?

  6. It’s always been next year. Ashley has mentioned Imperial earrings on Twitter, too… But I don’t know when/if we can expect those.

    I have an ESB tee and the necklace from CV.

  7. interesting that they namedrop ghost hunters international and ghost hunters academy but not the original (then again, if i remember the ads for the original, they may not have any women in major roles) while the others do…. and that warehouse 13 is listed after them.

    Warehouse 13, done by Jane Espenson, has a predominantly female cast – 3 female leads to 2 male leads, with the top recurring character also female and the main villain from this past season also female. and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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