SGU actor ain’t gonna take it any more

Brian Jacob Smith, who plays Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe, has had it with Stargate fans who hate the latest show, yet persist in hanging around to annoy everyone else with how much they hate it.

He took to TwitLonger to let one fan, in particular, know just how he felt.  But, hey, it applies.

Please don’t lurk in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to turn our enthusiasm against us. It’s such a rotten thing to do, and I’m struggling to understand why you think it’s perfectly fine. If you need a good example of why this fanbase is so divided and full of animosity, just refer to your comment.

So far, I’m not seeing a specific groundswell of topics about this over in the wild west of the Gateworld forum, but I’m sure this will strike a note.  It’s been a long-standing problem in fandom and I, for one, am glad to see Brian stand up to it.

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  1. Agreed. Nothing pisses me off more than people who consistently and aggressively badmouth something, say the prequels, TCW, EU, etc but yet continue to not only support Star Wars products, but the same things they complain about to no end.

    In the end it’s just a bunch of nerds looking for attention.

  2. Well, problem is that old hardcore Stargate fans became overprotective – anyone hanging around forums saw indications during SGA S4 and S5 – and when SGU showed up with totally different setup (and SGA got canceled), they went berserk. As far as I see lot of SGU audience is totally new to Stargate and lot of old fans have simply skipped SGU – as they thought it won’t survive one session and producers would be forced to restore SGA at least. Of course it didn’t happened – SGU got second session and turns out to be growing – at least in confidence – so they try to justify their dumping of the show.

  3. Because hardest thing for the geek (and human in that matter) is to admit that you’re wrong.

  4. The super-obsessive crowd has been really getting my ire up in general lately, so it’s good to see Brian stand up for himself and his show. SGU may not be the kind of entertainment that Stargate fans are used to looking to Stargate for–and god knows that I’m in that camp–but that’s not an excuse to be as cruelly vitriolic as I’ve seen some fans get over the past year. Some people don’t understand though, that when you act like a jerk about your fandom in public that it reflects poorly on the entirety of the fandom.

  5. I’m glad to see Brian stand up. He says what I’ve been saying all along. How many times did Stargate SG1 reset its entire universe and erase the last several years? Because I know it happened at least once and I was disgusted. I LOVE SG1, SGA and SGU. I supported and watched SG1 even after I thought it should have ended. But what the hey? SGU is a brilliant continuation. It’s just not the older shows. I watched the original BSG and still feel nostalgic about it. The new one was okay, but I am not a hardcore fan, so the SGU=BSG doesn’t equate to me. My feelings are, it’s okay to really hate something. There are things I really hate. But I don’t find their actors, walk up to them, and call them crap to their face. Naw. That’s not cool.

  6. Oh, and one thing I think the fans of SG1 and SGA aren’t getting – if they sabotage SGU because they want “their” shows back, I don’t think that’s how it’s gonna work. If SGU fails, ALL of Stargate fails. I think that supporting SGU and showing that the entire franchise is worth it is the best way to get those movies for the older shows.

  7. Of course later in that rant says “You’re lucky this isn’t a tailgate party – I’m a Cowboy’s fan and we’d do a lot more than just tell you to get lost.” because there’s nothing classier than threatening someone for making snarky comments.

    I’ve watched and liked aspects of all three shows but I have to say the thing souring me againt SGU at the moment is all the hate from the makers and now the actors towards people who are critical of the show or how the changeover was handled.

    For the record: threatening is not cool.

  8. I can’t blame the SGU actors and staff for being annoyed. If you get hit with this constantly for YEARS (and it has been years), you have to be over it. And they aren’t just getting snark. They are getting outright hateful comments. There comes a point where you start to tell people to grow up.

    And as much as I loved SGA, killing off SGU is not going to bring it back. That ship has sailed. If SGU is cancelled, MGM is moving what little money they have to something else.

    I think the point to take away from this is to just go do something else if you don’t like it. You don’t have to be mean about it.

  9. I am one of those SGU fans who didn’t watch SG-1 or Atlantis, and I like SGU. Like OT-is-better-than-PT ranters, or I-won’t-watch-the-new-BSG-because-they-changed-Starbuck-into-a-chick ranters (or the George-Lucas-raped-my-childhood ranters), these people just need to get over themselves. You don’t like it, that’s fine, don’t watch it. move on. or go watch SG-1 and Atlantis on reruns or DVDs. but why spend so much time whining for attention. you’re not special.

    as Paula pointed out, trying to scuttle SGU is not going to bring Atlantis back, at most it will free up a timeslot for an extra Ghost Hunters spinoff.

  10. I never watched any of the other SG stuff but I love SGU. Great character acting, I don’t browse the forums but I can imagine what goes on. Surely you can have your say, but then let it lie! You’re only gonna get more worked up about something you can’t change anyway.

  11. I liked SG-1 so so and Atlantis so so. SGU I don’t like at all. I see potential in the franchise if someone else runs the show and has better writers backing them up. Perhaps turn it back over to the original movie writers and reboot the whole franchise.

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