The five stages of fan grief (or, why SyFy won’t be picking up Dollhouse)

io9’s Graeme McMillan put an interesting post up this weekend on the cycle of how fans deal with canceled shows. However, the most interesting part is actually from SyFy’s Craig Engler on why the former Sci-Fi Channel doesn’t pick up network cast-offs. (They cost too much, of course.)

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  1. You know, I’m probably gonna catch some flak for this eventually (come the next time I’m in a room full of Whedon fans, specifically) but I really can’t get worked up about Dollhouse going away, and I’m not sure where all of these people who are doing so are coming from.

    I was asked to give a talk about and mod a panel on Joss Whedon television earlier this year, about halfway through the show’s run, and the fan reaction was tepid at best. I enjoy the show while recognizing its (sometimes rather serious) flaws, but in that room full of fanboys/girls I felt like I was the only person who was. Now granted, that was around the time when the show was starting to improve, but I still haven’t experienced much of a following for the program.

    I guess my question is this: does anyone else think that all of this raging against Fox’s machine is going on simply for the sake of doing so? Does anyone even give a crap about Dollhouse at this point, or are the fans only using it as Firefly 2.0?

    Also, Engler’s comments are kind of neat. I’ve often wondered about the rationale behind SyFy’s programing decisions, and that was a nice little window on that.

  2. It certainly isn’t, but then, who would have realistically expected it to be?

    Dollhouse has always felt like mini-series fodder to me, more than anything. It was an interesting experiment in form, but ultimately incompatible with a week-to-week format.

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