SyFy cancels Eureka, plays bait-and-switch

After Twitter exploded with rage that Eureka was being cancelled last week, The Wrestling Channel SyFy announced that they were giving them six episodes to wrap up the series, next year. Apparently, they have now changed their minds.

Wil Wheaton, who has been playing the hilariously petty Dr. Parrish on the show, wrote up his reaction on his blog. And here’s a round-up of the fan and cast reactions.

After the way they played Stargate fans, you’d think SyFy would have learned how to better break up with a show.

3 Replies to “SyFy cancels Eureka, plays bait-and-switch”

  1. Typical. Don’t forget to add the bait & switch that started it all on SyFy: Farscape back in 2003. They’re old hat at this game by now.

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