In the news: Fans love the Yoda statue, ILM may establish Canadian outpost

Emily Lewis, right, and her pal Jason at the Yoda Fountain. (Photo by Emily Lewis.

A dispatch from the mainstream. The Yoda statue at the Presidio is a landmark for Star Wars fans, an Associated Press article says this week. No, really? Other key Star Wars locales, like Tunisia and Lake Como, are also mentioned.

ILM looking north? The Hollywood Reporter says that Industrial Light + Magic is looking into opening a facility in Vancouver.

Your daily dose of stormtroopers. The Illinois 501st get profiled in the Chicago Tribune.

Baseball. The San Francisco Giants are freezing pitcher Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy) in carbonite for the Star Wars day on September 4th. Wouldn’t it make more sense to freeze the visiting team’s pitcher?

Science! Spoilers are good for you, says a study by UC San Diego. Okay then!

4 Replies to “In the news: Fans love the Yoda statue, ILM may establish Canadian outpost”

  1. Agreed! And it is true with films: Great stories make you come back, great twists… Not so much. At least I have yet to meet somebody who actually went back to see The 6th Sense a third time.
    (Or Usual Suspects a second; man, that “%”%§” film was a cheating piece of…)

  2. I think it’s a smart business move to put ILM in Vancouver. That’s where the sci-fi seems to be producing, these days.

  3. The thing about spoilers is you can only watch a film for the first time once…and then that experience is gone. Knowing what will happen is more comforting, but it’s a different kind of enjoyment…you can always watch a movie again after you know the end. Only get one first.

    Aaron, I LOVE the 6th sense. I’ve watched the film dozens of times and still enjoy it….but I would have been PO’d had someone spoiled it the first time through.

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