Sad news: Sue Rostoni is retiring

LucasBooks Executive Editor Sue Rostoni is retiring, the official site says today. She’s been working for Lucasfilm as an editor since (at least) the launch of the modern publishing program in the early 90’s with the Thrawn trilogy.

“I have enjoyed the best job in the world with the most wonderfully creative people,” said Rostoni. “I’m so grateful to have been a part of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones programs these past years — it’s been the most challenging and rewarding time of my life.”

This isn’t a total surprise – Rostoni stepped back from socializing with fans a few months back, and her final message had a touch of finality to it that led to some fans speculating that her retirement was indeed forthcoming.

Regardless of one’s opinions about the books at the moment, we can’t deny that Rostoni was a important figure in the creation and guidance of the Expanded Universe. She was always gracious and forthcoming with fans, and for that she has my gratitude. Club Jade wishes her a long, happy, and most importantly, stress-free retirement!

There’s no word on who will replace Rostoni as Executive Editor, but it certainly does put a new spin on that job listing for Senior Editor.

EUbits: Interviews with Rostoni, Shapiro and Allie

Interviews, everywhere! There’s been an absolute plague of interviews lately. EUC talks to Lucasfilm Licensing’s Sue Rostoni, Podcaster Sohaib had Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro on his show last week, and Roqoo Depot has Jedi: The Dark Side writer Scott Allie.

Blurbs. Drew Karpyshyn’s Revan novel gets a summary.

Fandom. Michael Falkner is breaking up with the ForceCast over their recent treatment of Expanded Universe fans.

Namesake corner. I’ve got two fairly minor Mara Jade bits today: io9 named her one of their 10 sexiest assassins. Naturally, it features fan art of both the badly photoshopped and naked body paint persuasions. (Sigh.) On the other hand, there’s a new namesake: A foal. She has a twin sister named after Princess Leia.

Rostoni says goodbye to forums

LucasBooks editor Sue Rostoni bids farewell to the official forums (which are going away) but refrains from stating whether she’ll return in another venue.

I want to thank you all for welcoming me here. I’ve so appreciated our conversations and the fun we’ve had, and will really miss you all. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know you and having this forum be a part of my work-life. I’ve appreciated having a direct connection between the books and the readers — something most editors never get to experience in this way. I’m grateful to you all for your openness, your humor, and for staying with the adventure.

As far as keeping in touch via other sites — the future is hazy; outlook unclear.

Fans don’t exactly lack for places to mingle with Expanded Universe VIPs – both continuity guru Leland Chee and the Star Wars folks at Del Rey have active Facebook pages – but the casual question-and-answer format that evolved in TOS’s Expanded Universe VIPs thread was a great resource. We’ll certainly miss Sue, and hope she finds a place to keep in touch with fans in the future.