EUbits: Would you be brave enough to revisit KJA?

Revisiting the Jedi Academy trilogy. Bryan Young is a glutton for punishment: He reread Kevin J. Anderson’s first Star Wars novel, Jedi Search, even though he knows better. Joining him is Kelly, aka Scarlett Robotica, who actually likes the series. (I suppose someone has to.) They’re debating it. I’m sure you can guess whose side I’m on. (And no: I wouldn’t. Last time I tried I couldn’t get past Luke’s speechifying.)

Details, details… Sue Rostoni updated us on a couple of minor details this weekend: There’s a hint that the Heir to the Empire anniversery edition will indeed have a new cover, and confirmation that short stories are coming back, at least in the Insider.

More on The Jedi Path. Daniel Wallace has posted a fourpart series of endnotes for the in-universe instruction manual.

Veitch talks Dark Empire on Tuesday. The comic’s writer is holding a discussion on the comic this Tuesday evening at the bookstore he co-owns in Bennington, Vermont.

13 Replies to “EUbits: Would you be brave enough to revisit KJA?”

  1. I don’t know. I’ve certainly revisited worse parts of the EU over the years. KJA might be preachy and weird, but it isn’t as dreadfully boring as KW. Jetter’s Boba Fett books.

  2. I don’t know why people keep recommending the Jedi Academy series! It’s a secret ploy to scare people away from the EU….

    But….Kyp Durron still makes me dreamy. Yes, even when he’s going all Sithy.

  3. To me, the hinge with bad EU stuff always is: Can I ignore it and not lose important chunks of the era? So, say, the much-maligned (and yeah, pretty bad) Crystal Star gets a pass from me because it’s perfectly possible to skip it unless you absolutely feel you must read everything.

    Amarathine: JAT isn’t vital as it was back in the day, but some important stuff (for that era) does happen in it. There’s always I, Jedi, I guess…

    As for Jeter, Doyle – I never even bothered to read it! But I think the trilogy that most defines “dreadfully boring” for me would be The Black Fleet Crisis. Also pretty skippable!

  4. Yeah, I guess the Jedi Academy trilogy just didn’t move as fast as I was used to. It was nice to revisit some of the older EU. What about Darksaber? Bevel Lemelisk was okay….cloning overdose, though. I was laughing at Daala the whole way through.

  5. The Jedi Academy Trilogy was a let down, particularly after The Thrawn Trilogy…mainly because it didn’t take the trouble to really build off it. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Qwi Xux….however I don’t think she was “naive”, dissociative would be the better word. She knew better deep down, but it was more comfortable and safer for her to believe the lie…to force herself to believe that lie so she could function and survive.

  6. I liked the academy series, I’m re-reading my entire collection and binning any real stinkers. I figure if I don’t like it after two reads it deserves to go.

    I’m up to Imperial Commando, so far the Crystal Star has gone. That awful Bounty Hunter Trilogy got launched moments after finishing it. I couldn’t read that again!

    I suspect that Zahn stormtrooper strory will get binned to. Possibly Death Star was well. Though I must say I enjoyed the two outbound flight stories much more second time round.

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