Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides teaser

(Yes, the first bit is old. Stick around.) I’m kind of ashamed to admit it and I know it’ll probably be only so-so, but I will totally go see this movie. What can I say… Obvious and repetitive rum cracks aside, I do love me some Barbossa, and Ian McShane ain’t too shabby, either.

4 Replies to “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides teaser”

  1. Somehow POTC has developped the same problem HIMYM had for a while: They’ve fallen victim to the misconception that you cannot overuse a popular character. And so they turned Jack Sparrow into the Barney Stinson of the Carribean. And just like overusing Barney made him – and HIMYM – less and less funny, overusing Captain Jack has made the whole of the POTC franchise less and less compelling. If that’s even the right word for a Bruckheimer production. Which doesn’t mean, I won’t go and see the film, but my expectations are so low, you can’t even trip over them any more.

    Oh, and I hereby propose to send Captain Jack to Mandyville. Along with Wolverine, Boba Fett, and Apple Inc.

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