Rostoni: No current plans for DFR, TLC reprints

“There are no plans for reprints of Dark Force Rising or The Last Command at this time,” LucasBooks editor Sue Rostoni wrote this afternoon on the boards.

Note that it’s not an outright denial: Let’s hope that the sales figures for the annotated Heir to the Empire are good enough to make them consider doing the rest of the trilogy.

6 Replies to “Rostoni: No current plans for DFR, TLC reprints”

  1. I don’t mind the books with added content, and depending on the sales I’m sure they’re consider DFR and TLC. Heck I wouldn’t mind a bit at the end of the new TLC to say “AND THEY END UP MARRIED, HE GAVE HER HIS DADDY’S LIGHTSABER, WHAT OTHER CLUE DO YOU NEED” but that’s totally not a Tim thing for him to do anyway.

    I’m giddy with how excited I am about this book. It’s been ages since I’ve read them- need to go diving back in :)

  2. I can understand why they aren’t. It’s a specialty book.

    Plus, do we want Tim spending all that time annotating or writing new stuff?

  3. I’d rather have a complete set than just one books. I hope they plan on the rest tomorrow so I won’t feel incomplete.

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