EUbits: Interviews with Rostoni, Shapiro and Allie

Interviews, everywhere! There’s been an absolute plague of interviews lately. EUC talks to Lucasfilm Licensing’s Sue Rostoni, Podcaster Sohaib had Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro on his show last week, and Roqoo Depot has Jedi: The Dark Side writer Scott Allie.

Blurbs. Drew Karpyshyn’s Revan novel gets a summary.

Fandom. Michael Falkner is breaking up with the ForceCast over their recent treatment of Expanded Universe fans.

Namesake corner. I’ve got two fairly minor Mara Jade bits today: io9 named her one of their 10 sexiest assassins. Naturally, it features fan art of both the badly photoshopped and naked body paint persuasions. (Sigh.) On the other hand, there’s a new namesake: A foal. She has a twin sister named after Princess Leia.

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  1. Wow. An interesting breakup letter. It’s long, but worth reading through.

    I think things are coming to a head with fandom relations. It’s time to discuss this and find the joy in fandom, again.

  2. “It’s time to discuss this and find the joy in fandom, again.”

    Agreed, Paula! The Forcecast guys are both very pro-prequel, and usually positive and supportive of Star Wars as a whole. When it comes to EU though, it’s completely different — yet they still have a sponsorship with Audible (where they discuss EU books), interview EU authors, and even produce a dedicated EU podcast. It’s sad, because I genuinely like the show and they have great guests and interviews, yet I find myself cringing whenever they mention a part of the fandom I really enjoy. Sad.

  3. Sadly I have to agree with Michael. I just can’t listen to ForceCast anymore, because it hurts how they treat…well, how they treat me. And it really shouldn’t.

  4. But it’s not just Forcecast; although they do need to be called on their behavior as a major presence in fandom.

    Fandom (no matter which one) has a tendency to turn on itself like it’s a bloodsport.

    Why can’t we just talk about what we enjoy? When we critique something, why can’t we discuss it, but still respect others who find joy in it?

    Fandom fans are supposed to be more enlightened and accepting. It’s time we held people to that standard.

  5. Aww the follies are cute! But isn’t it Princess Leia on the RIGHT?

    Still, it’s easier – and funnier – to discuss follies than fandom. It’s strange , I mean – ALL of us who spend time flailing or mourning over a fictive space opera should remember not to take ourselves too seriously.

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