EUbits: FOTJ except, Sue updates, Knight Errant story

Hey, remember Fate of the Jedi? The site is offering an excerpt from Try Denning’s Vortex – Chapter 5, to be exact. The catch? You need to redeem a code. Or, just click this direct link to the PDF. (Thanks, EUC!) The cards with the code were available at C5 or in the Hyperspace member kit.

Details, details. We got a couple of updates from Sue Rostoni on the forums last week. I had asked if there was a chance or others joining Zahn to do annotations for the Heir to the Empire anniversary edition, and she wasn’t sure — but did say that Del Rey was looking into it. She did have a solid answer on the ETA for the next Lost Tribe of the Sith story: October 25th, aka next Monday. (Hopefully it’ll contain a different Vortex excerpt.)

Short story. Speaking of John Jackson Miller, has an original Knight Errant short story, ‘Influx.’

Shadow Games. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff reveals the main cast for the novel-formerly-known-as-Holostar.

Really? The Star Wars Books page on Facebook is starting a Reader’s Club. Not a bad idea, in theory… But starting with The Bounty Hunter Wars? Really? Uh… Good luck.

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  1. Oh, wow man. Bounty Hunter Wars? That is rough. Even at my youngest, hungriest, most Star Wars and Boba Fett fanboyest stage I had a devil of a time getting through ol’ KW Jetter’s Star Wars contributions. Not sure I could bear to do it again.

  2. Yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone who actually made it through – let alone liked – those books. But if SOTE and KJA have fans, I’m sure they do, too…

  3. Oh, I’m certain of that. Personally, I’m a big fan of some of the ideas that Jetter came up with, some of the locations and characters that he used, and the tone that he tried to establish. I’ve read one or two of his other books as well and I can safely say the same of them too. It seems that he’s a really good idea guy, but his fiction always strikes me as unbearably dry and uninspiring.

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