Catching up, looking back with Sue Rostoni

Knights Archive has a nice interview with Lucasbooks editor Sue Rostoni, who retired not that long ago. They chat about missing Lucasfilm, favorite moments, fan criticism, expanded universe regrets and more.

As an added bonus, there are several tributes to Sue from authors.

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  1. When I was younger and the idea of writing as a profession first came to me, I sent the first thirty pages or so of a really, truly terrible Star Wars novel (unsolicited, obviously) in to Lucas Licensing with the promise that I could produce more if they liked it. I was about ten and had no idea what I was doing, but I guess somehow my manuscript got into Sue’s hands because I got a very nice, encouraging Thanks But No Thanks letter back from her that I read to pieces over the next year or two. So…I know that everybody knows this and feels pretty much the same way, but she’s just an incredibly sweet, kind lady and I’m going to miss her updates and her presence at Lucasbooks terribly.

    Also, it was the weirdest feeling applying for her job a couple of months ago. Didn’t know if I should feel good about having the opportunity, or like kind of a jerk for thinking I could take her place.

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