Poll: Your thoughts on Fate of the Jedi: Omen

omen-horizSo Christie Golden’s first foray into the GFFA and the second book of the latest series has been out for nearly a week now… Time to put up the book poll.

But first, here are a few reviews from out and around the web: TheForce.Net staff, EU Cantina, Big Shiny Robot, Starlog, Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review, and NJOE. Or get down with the unwashed masses at the TFN Lit’s official review thread. I haven’t read any of them yet: I won’t until after I do my own review in a few days, so forgive me the simple listing.

Weigh in yourself with the mystical power of click beneath the cut. Continue reading “Poll: Your thoughts on Fate of the Jedi: Omen

Ten years of The Phantom Menace

Tuesday marks ten years of The Phantom Menace… Ten years! It seems like much longer… Or shorter, I suppose. I’m ‘celebrating’ by finally reading Darths & Droids, which is actually a lot more fascinating that I thought it would be. (Just got to the AOTC parts and it’s hilarious.) Those looking for a less time-consuming memory tweaker can enjoy Popcorn Monster’s Top 10 Memories of Anticipating The Phantom Menace.

Anyway, the question of the week, how did you see the movie?