Awarding the Waru: The wackiest Expanded Universe happening of 2008

I originally meant to do a big year-end poll on the year’s EU offerings, but time flies, so we’re just going to have to settle for this: The The Crystal Star Memorial Award for Expanded Universe wackiness, aka the Waru. This award is given to the one Expanded Universe event (both in-universe and without count) that made you go ‘What?’ The one event that most shocked, confused, or even amused you in a deeply sarcastic way. Think hard. Award ironically.

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10 Replies to “Awarding the Waru: The wackiest Expanded Universe happening of 2008”

  1. And Daala’s in the lead again!

    Ahsoka’s existence irritates me greatly, but Daala and her new job are even more out there.

  2. Daala hasn’t not been in the lead, but Ahsoka has come pretty close.

    Of course, you need a half-decent grounding the post-ROTJ EU to comprehend exactly why President of the Galaxy Daala is a Bad Idea, whereas Ahsoka’s WTF is a lot easier to spot knowing just the movies.

  3. Daala as the new President- I still have to understand how she came there and how, apparently, she stayed in office.

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