And the Waru goes to…

Waru's ladiesDaala, of course. It honestly wasn’t much of a contest – everyone’s favorite KJA-spawned Imperial psycho and her new job as (LOTF spoiler) the Galactic Alliance Chief of State (aka President of the Galaxy for our less EU-oriented friends) took an early lead and kept it, although Ahsoka made a strong showing. But she’s young, and while it’s hard to imagine that The Clone Wars could top a surprise apprentice for Anakin, this is Star Wars. George will certainly think of something! Hell – she might even survive.

What will the 2009 hold for the Warus? Not much… We hope. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, tell us why you voted for, why, and what would you have nominated for the 2008 Warus?

Awarding the Waru: The wackiest Expanded Universe happening of 2008

I originally meant to do a big year-end poll on the year’s EU offerings, but time flies, so we’re just going to have to settle for this: The The Crystal Star Memorial Award for Expanded Universe wackiness, aka the Waru. This award is given to the one Expanded Universe event (both in-universe and without count) that made you go ‘What?’ The one event that most shocked, confused, or even amused you in a deeply sarcastic way. Think hard. Award ironically. Continue reading “Awarding the Waru: The wackiest Expanded Universe happening of 2008”