Poll: Social networking and other horrors

clubjade@twitter.comYou may have noticed our latest sidebar poll, which went up a few days ago, is about social networking sites.

It’s mostly idle curiosity on my part, as I created a Twitter account for the blog the other day. You don’t need an account there to read it, nor do you really need to read it. I fully plan to incorporate most of what is linked there into roundup posts here in time… You know, all that news that doesn’t really justify more than a line or two. This is nothing more than a quick and easy way to get it out there. But if you’re already Twitterified, go ahead and follow it! I promise, you won’t be hearing about what I had for lunch or anything.

In the meantime, fill out the poll! (If you marked ‘Other,’ go ahead and specify here.) And remember, friends don’t let friends use MySpace.

[poll id=”38″]

5 Replies to “Poll: Social networking and other horrors”

  1. I don’t use LinkedIn nearly as much as I do Facebook and LJ, but I do use it.

    I just haven’t been able to get into Twitter. It seems like Facebook with nothing but status updates. Hmm. That must mean you don’t get bombarded with stupid “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR SOUL?” quiz/Lil’ Green Patch/etc solicitations. Maybe I should try it again!

  2. I have a twitter account, but I don’t use it regularly so I didn’t check that ticky-box. I stopped using LJ for the past couple months, but I’m slowly getting back into it…

  3. I use too many and I need help. I have personal accounts at all of them as well as accounts for an art project, so it’s some level of networking and not much social.

    That said, I also used Ning, which to me as a hugely under rated service, Flickr, and a few message boards.

    Again, help?

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