I don’t know what to think about this cake

Darth Vader baby cake by Woullet Bakery

Featured on Cake Wrecks today: A Darth Vader baby shower cake. Awesome? Awful? You tell me:

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8 Replies to “I don’t know what to think about this cake”

  1. That? Is awesomesauce. The cake bears the burden of its irony perfectly. I want ooooone!

  2. I also subscribe to cake wrecks and while I thought the cake was awesome, my fiance said it was “awful”
    So… that’s one vote for each I guess!

  3. The cake is gorgeous. The airbrushing is so pretty, and as Cakewrecks said- best use of sprinkles EVER. Plus, Vader holding a baby. You can’t go wrong with Vader holding a baby. Almost makes me want to have another one just so I can have this cake at the shower.

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