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And the Waru goes to…

Waru's ladiesDaala, of course. It honestly wasn’t much of a contest – everyone’s favorite KJA-spawned Imperial psycho and her new job as (LOTF spoiler) the Galactic Alliance Chief of State (aka President of the Galaxy for our less EU-oriented friends) took an early lead and kept it, although Ahsoka made a strong showing. But she’s young, and while it’s hard to imagine that The Clone Wars could top a surprise apprentice for Anakin, this is Star Wars. George will certainly think of something! Hell – she might even survive.

What will the 2009 hold for the Warus? Not much… We hope. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, tell us why you voted for, why, and what would you have nominated for the 2008 Warus?

Awarding the Waru: The wackiest Expanded Universe happening of 2008

I originally meant to do a big year-end poll on the year’s EU offerings, but time flies, so we’re just going to have to settle for this: The The Crystal Star Memorial Award for Expanded Universe wackiness, aka the Waru. This award is given to the one Expanded Universe event (both in-universe and without count) that made you go ‘What?’ The one event that most shocked, confused, or even amused you in a deeply sarcastic way. Think hard. Award ironically. Continue reading

Poll: Pick your winter genre movies

The notable lack of a big franchise fantasy film* for the season makes the coming months slim pickings for genre fans, unless one happens to be a preteen girl (Twilight) or their younger siblings (Bolt) or a [male] comics fan (Punisher: War Zone, The Spirit) or one of the two people who thought The Day the Earth Stood Still remake was a good idea. Okay, so maybe I’m wrong.

* Moment of silence for the delayed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

At least the rest of us can console ourselves with the fact that there now exists a sci-fi horror musical with Giles Anthony Stewart Head rendering violence upon Paris Hilton. Right? Or at the very least, Daniel Craig takes his shirt off. Vote for up to eight movies beneath the cut! Continue reading

Poll: Social networking and other horrors

clubjade@twitter.comYou may have noticed our latest sidebar poll, which went up a few days ago, is about social networking sites.

It’s mostly idle curiosity on my part, as I created a Twitter account for the blog the other day. You don’t need an account there to read it, nor do you really need to read it. I fully plan to incorporate most of what is linked there into roundup posts here in time… You know, all that news that doesn’t really justify more than a line or two. This is nothing more than a quick and easy way to get it out there. But if you’re already Twitterified, go ahead and follow it! I promise, you won’t be hearing about what I had for lunch or anything.

In the meantime, fill out the poll! (If you marked ‘Other,’ go ahead and specify here.) And remember, friends don’t let friends use MySpace. Continue reading

Poll results: Women of the Expanded Universe

Last week we asked which ladies you want to see more of the the EU spotlight. No surprise that you wanted more of the women who already get a share: Jaina, Leia, and Mara came in with 32%. After them, two ladies who first came to our attention in the Rogue books, Iella (29%) and Mirax (27%.) Then, two ladies who have served as secret mates to some of our heroes: Tenel Ka and Padme tied at 26%. Winter put up a good fight with 24%, and bringing up the rear are Asajj (18%,) Mon Mothma (16%,) Shada (14%,) Other (11%) and various handmaidens (9%.)

The poll is closed, but comments are still open on the entry if you still want to have a say.